Digital SIG information

Apologies to all who attended our last virtual meeting of the Digital Special Interest Group on Tuesday February 2nd. In attempting to hold the meeting both on-the-air and on Zoom simultaneously I shortchanged those who attended on-the-air, though not by design. The lesson learned is that going forward it will be one or the other formats, not both. During future Zoom sessions I will monitor the repeater in the event a member is having difficulty checking into a Zoom session.
There was also an issue on Zoom of some people not being able to get into the Zoom meeting using the link by itself that was sent in the QST e-mail. One of the members said that you also need to provide the access code that’s in the notification. While I’ve used Zoom as a client for the past year, I’m new at hosting Zoom meetings so I will try and get clarification on how exactly to use the link and access codes I publish prior to our next Zoom meeting.
Again, I apologize for the less than stellar experience and hope to have everything corrected for our next meeting.
73, Rick K8CAV
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