Estate Sale Items at the club site

last opportunities

Tuesday July 26th and Thursday July 28th

It’s getting down to the wire for Terry KB8AMZ’s estate sale! We’ll have two more opportunities to offer the remaining items, Tuesday, July 26 at the SIG meeting, and Thursday, July 28 at Net Night at the Club Site.

Come on down and take a look, starting at 6:30 each night. There are still a number of good items and lots of miscellaneous items that might be just what you are looking for for a project.

Items include:

  • Comet thru-the-glass 2M/440 mobile antenna new in the box
  • Deluxe bike rack (not for SUV)
  • Mosley antenna parts – looks like the TA-40-KR 40-meter addon for a TA-53-M or other beam
  • Miscellaneous coax and ladder line that you can verify with your nanoVNA before you use it
  • Large number of project boxes, plastic and metal
  • A duffel bag with two sets (8) MIL-style ribbed fiberglass camo-mesh 5′ poles suitable for stacking up to 20′
  • Several NMO and other style mobile antenna mounts
  • Ceramic standoffs for HV kit construction or boat-anchor repair
  • Heathkit VTVM
  • An assortment of panel meters including a Weston meter
  • 4 solar panels

This is by no means a complete inventory. Come on down to the club site for conversation, camaraderie, and refreshment and take a look – when it’s gone it is GONE.

All proceeds go to Terry’s family, who incurred expenses taking care of him and handling his affairs at the end. Help us send Patty a nice check as we clear away the rest of his items. If you have any questions, please contact Paul KE8EGF, Greg KA8TOA, or me. Thanks in advance!

73 de Rick KD8WCK

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