Field Day 2021

Field Day Chairman

This year Field Day is over.

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(from the August 2021 issue of the Radiogram)

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Remember that, first and foremost, Field Day is a national simulated emergency communications drill. What we will do at Field Day is exactly what we would have to do in the event of a major national disaster. The FCC and Homeland Security already recognize the fact that when all other communications systems get knocked out, Amateur Radio could be the last communications network still operational.
Note that all of the rules governing ARRL Field Day can be found on the ARRL website.



Please enjoy these pictures of our 2021 Field Day.

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What is Field Day? According to the Field Day page at, Field Day is Ham Radio’s Open House. During this years Field Day Weekend (June 24/25), the Freedom Community Park was transformed into a Ham Radio communications complex capable of talking around the world.