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PCARS Contesters:
Here’s something I think a few of you might enjoy. Don’t forget to go to the link to check it all out.
SSB Sprint Contest Manager
Tue, Oct 12, 2:56 PM (8 days ago)
Hello Fellow Radio Amateur W8PT,
It has been great to work you occasionally in various contests over the years.
How about trying this fun 4 hour SSB contest? It is the North American SSB Sprint Contest.
It is Saturday evening October 23rd here in North America.
Which is October 24, 2021  0000 – 0359 UTC.
 It has some very interesting rules that make it a bit unique and exciting.
Certificates to the top scores in each state/province and/or anyone scoring over 1,200 points. And there are Door Prizes (some call them “Score Prizes”) available for recipients who score at least 1,500 points (just takes 50 QSOs and 30 mults) !!!
As well as a SSB Sprint Worked All States T-Shirt for those that manage to work all 50 states in the 4 hours.  Which actually has been done by multiple participants in the past!
And now we have just added a SSB Sprint Worked All Canada T-Shirt for those that manage to work all 13 Canadian multipliers in the 4 hours.
Check it all out at
We want to be sure to have every state and every Canadian multiplier on the air.
So, if you have a chance, please enter your planned activity at
We were able to have all states on the air in the past events.
And be sure to send in your score for a chance to win a door prize! (“Score prize!”)
73 Bob KW8N & NA SSB Sprint Contest Committee
73 – Chuck W8PT
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