We are still in NEED of EIGHT (8) more Volunteers for Field Day Setup/Teardown. As noted below, when you volunteer please note if you will be there for Setup; Teardown or Both. To volunteer for the PCARS Field Day Setup/Teardown crew just send an email to me at ,PLEASE VOLUNTEER IF YOU CAN!! And thanks to those who have already volunteered!
Field Day setup/teardown schedules shown below.
Field Day 2022 – Volunteers Needed for Setup/Tear Down
As we have done in recent years I will need at least 14 volunteers to assist the Field Day team with Setup and Tear down of antennas and stringing power cables from the main generator to stations. If you have done this before, great, but you do not need any experience to volunteer. The Captain for each station will direct all work for their station. If you are a new Ham this is a great opportunity to get hands-on experience putting up a variety of antennas. Setup has normally been completed in about 2.5 hours (more or less). Teardown after Field Day has been done in less than 2 hours. If you cannot volunteer for both, no problem, just let me know which task(s) you are volunteering for. The Club will supply coffee and water plus pizza for lunch(s).
Here are the Field Day setup/teardown schedules:
SETUP Saturday June 25
9:30am Arrive on site (meet at the picnic shelter of the Freedom Township Park) PLEASE BE PROMPT
 9:45am Safety meeting
10:00am Begin Work
12:30pm Antennas up and ready for testing; power cables strung and energized [Pizza Lunch]
 2.00pm Field Day Stations On-The-Air
TEARDOWN Sunday June 26
 2:00pm Stations Off-The-Air Work begins immediately [Pizza Lunch served before 2:00]
 3:30pm All antennas down and stowed for transport. Power cables coiled up. Field Day over and done.
The only equipment the volunteers need to bring are gloves and safety glasses (REQUIRED). Steel toe shoes are always a good idea. Rain gear is essential. If shoes/boots are not waterproof an extra pair of dry shoes and socks are a good idea. The club will supply a dozen basic hardhats, but I encourage you to bring your own hardhat if you own one. Hardhats must be worn whenever you are working in an area where there is any equipment (antenna components) or any hardware above your head. Remember that even a medium size bolt falling from 25 or 30 feet can cause serious injuries (or worse).
To volunteer for the PCARS Field Day Setup/Teardown crew just send an email to me at , Specify if you are volunteering for Setup, Teardown or Both as soon as you can. I will confirm by email.
Come out and help make 2022 another successful PCARS Field Day! Email me with any questions.
Tony WA8AR, PCARS Field Day Chairman
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