Late DX News Saturday Feb. 25th AM

Attention PCARS DXers:

I just received these separately this AM. Thought I’d pass them on.

Wake Island KH9
Listen for Tom, KH9/NL7RR operating from Wake Island.
On air, when time is available, around 06:00 to 08:00 UTC
AL7JX, Glen, tells us: “We hope he will have time this weekend to operate.
He will try to use these frequencies: 14.243, 21.243, 28.343 SSB

TZ1CE – Mali
From DK1CE, Ulmar – My current activity is planned from February 25, 2023 to March 16, 2023.
Please note:
• On FT8, DX stations outside of EU have precedence at all times.
• Based on my experience, there is not advantage to F/H mode.
I use only normal FT8 mode.
• I will mostly operate on FT8 and SSB.
• The log will be updated daily on ClubLog; the LOTW log will
only be available after the end of my operations in Mali.
• In Mali operation on 60m is not permitted.

73 – Chuck W8PT

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