Net Night this Thursday

Thursday, August 26th, Net Night At the Clubsite!
It’s Portable Ops night – Bring along your “Portable Station”.
If you got called and invited to head out the next morning to work from a park, or a park bench, or maybe even a parking lot, what have you got to bring along? Pack it up and bring it out to Net Night. This is a “Show & Tell” event so I want you all to bring SOMETHING! So, if you’ve got something (other than just an HT) pack it up and bring it out – extra bragging rights if you set up a working station.
Everyone WILL be expected to check into the PCARS Net. NCS for the evening will be Amy – N8AMY. Even if you can’t make it out to the clubsite – PLEASE – take a few minutes to get logged into the net!
If you all want, we can take up a collection and order some PIZZA!
It’s going to be a fantastic night – we’ll open around 6:30 and close by 10:00.  Be there and bring some gear!
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