PCARS Antenna Project Status

PCARS has been working on a project to install a new OptiBeam antenna at the club site. To date, we have purchased the antenna; started assembly of the antenna and, today, we took down our current beam and its tower.
I would like to thank all of those who showed up to help with the tear down. The turnout was great. The Mosley antenna and tower have been disassembled. We also installed a new cable access into the club site building that will greatly shorten our coax runs and make maintenance and future installations much easier. It was a great day.
However, there is much work to do. Does anyone in the club know of someone that has a tractor mounted backhoe or front loader. If we had access to one of these, we could greatly simplify the installation of the new tower. Please let Chuck or me know if you can help us with this need (ChuckW8PT@gmail.com or jawilson@j3solutions.com).
The sections that made up our old tower are available. They are light duty tower, three 10 foot sections. If you are interested in these sections please let me know. The Mosley antenna is also available for a small donation to the club.
Watch your email for QSTs on work that will be required to complete this project. Help from club members is greatly appreciated and we also have some Big Fun.
Thanks again for all those that have contributed equipment, parts and effort to make this project possible.
Jim, AC8NT
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