PCARS Christmas Party 2022

The PCARS meeting is on Monday, December 12, 2022. This is open to all PCARS members and their families.

The dinner will again be served by the Little City Grill of Kent, OH. Unfortunately the time frame for reservations has closed.

PCARS gift exchange after dinner!

After the dinner, there will be a short PCARS meeting along with our PCARS Gift Exchange! Please bring a ten-dollar gift and mark it for a HAM or a NON-HAM. (Non-ham gifts should be gender neutral.)

If you are bringing children, please bring a special gift for your own children, and mark the child’s name on the gift so we can make sure it gets to him or her.

There will be a table with two baskets, one labeled “HAM” and the other labeled “NON-HAM” with slips of paper in the front of them. Put your gift on the table, pick up a slip of paper, write your callsign and deposit in the “HAM” basket if you brought a ham gift, or, write your name on it and deposit it in the “NON-HAM” basket if you brought a non-ham gift.
PLEASE: do not deposit a slip if you did not bring a gift for the EXCHANGE!