PCARS Field Day 2021 – General Information AND Important Announcements

PCARS Field Day 2021 – General Information AND Important Announcements – Just 5 days to go!
Field Day is Saturday June 26, 2:00 pm (start operating) to Sunday June 27, 2:00 pm (stop operating)
IMPORTANT: Operators are still needed for our 20 meter and Flex stations. Four time slots (for each station) are open for both the 20m and the Flex station. See the time slot listings under the Field Day tab at the portcars.org website. Just contact the station captain at their respective email addresses if you want to operate for a particular time slot. Don’t worry if you are new to FD operating, someone will be around to help you get started, just come make some contacts and have fun!
Also PCARS will be operating a Get On The Air (GOTA) station on 10 meters. The station will be supervised by Jim Wilson, AC8NT. The station is for Newly licensed hams and those who are interested in Ham Radio but not yet licensed. You do not need to register for any specific time slot. For all the specifics on who qualifies to operate please refer to the ARRL Field Day rules/GOTA station, or just stop out at our FD site and talk to Jim. You can also reach him by email (see address below).
IMPORTANT: Volunteers (10 total) are STILL NEEDED to help Setup/Teardown antennas and pull power cables. For information on work schedules and such, please refer to my earlier QST message. If you are willing to be a volunteer please contact me by email (Tony WA8AR: address  tromito99@gmail.com), and I will put you on the crew list. If you did not get the last QST I will send you the info directly, just contact me.
General Announcements for Field Day
Visitors and Guests:  Since all COVID state health orders have been lifted, all PCARS members and guests are welcome. Fully vaccinated visitors need not wear masks. I suggest that anyone who is not vaccinated wear masks for their own protection. We will have a hand washing station available to all on site.  Please do not walk into any of the stations (particularly those located in trailers) without getting permission from the station captain, unless you are scheduled to operate the station.
Food & Drink: There will be no big club provided dinner or breakfast this year (as previously announced). The only club provided food will be pizza lunches for the Setup/Teardown crews. All operators/loggers and others will need to provide their own meals (other than the two pizza lunches). Coffee and cold bottled water will be provided by the club for all attending FD. Ice filled coolers will be available for anyone that wants to bring other drinks. The picnic shelter may be used by anyone attending FD.
Individual Station Rules: Each station captain is 100% in charge of their own station and may set any rules for their individual station. Each captain may have specific rules about anything from operating procedures to sanitizing work stations. Operators and loggers just need to coordinate with the station captain.
Sanitary Facilities: The club will be supplying two(2) fresh, clean porta johns. The Township also has one (less fresh) porta john on site (choose wisely).
Field Day Location: The location of our Field Day site remains the Freedom Township Park, immediately southwest of the intersection of Streeter Road and SR 700. An interactive map of the area can be found on the PCARS website under the Field Day tab. You can probably put the address shown on the map into your GPS and easily navigate to the site.
Operating Schedules:  The operating schedule for each station will be posted in the picnic shelter. When you arrive on site please check the schedule for your station(s) to be sure you know the correct time slot. Please try to get to your station 5 to 10 minutes before your scheduled operating/logging start time.
Field Day Weather Forecast (Mantua): As Monday the 21st at 13:30, High temps Saturday and Sunday will probably be ~76 degrees(F) ‘ with a low night time temp of ~66 degrees(F). There will be a ~50% chance of scattered thunderstorms Saturday and Sunday (it’s June!!). We will be watching the weather closely and will suspend operating if lightning is seen too close to the FD site.
Field Day Team Contact List
FD Chairman/Safety Officer Tony  WA8AR  tromito99@gmail.com
CW Station                        George K3GP   rttyfan@gmail.com
Flex Station                       Rick K8CAV      k8cav.coms@gmail.com
GOTA Station                    Jim AC8NT       jawilson@j3solutions.com
Power Team                      James KD8VT   jkandrews@hughesnet.net
VHF Station                     Mike R KB8TUY mryan@apk.net
20 Meter Station               Mike S N8CWP  n8cwp.us@gmail.com
40 Meter Station              Ed       K8IV      ed.k8iv@gmail.com
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