POTA Field Trip tomorrow

Tomorrow should be an acceptable day on Saturday for the K8BF POTA Field trip.  We’ve reserved a pavilion at West Branch State park for this Saturday.  The pavilion sits a few hundred feet off of the parking lot, an easy walk, but unfortunately no driveway to it.

Also,  there’s no electric at the pavilion, so plan on bringing your own power for your gear.
Come on out and have some fun. West Branch is K-1999 in the Parks On The Air numbering system. You can set up your own station, or share someone else’s. K8BF will also be on the air.
Whether you want to share an antenna design, get on the air, or just to find out what portable operating, and Parks On The Air is all about, A good time is promised.
We’ll be meeting up at West branch State Park around 9 AM. The picnic pavilion near the West Boat ramp has been reserved for the day. It’s just a few minutes East of Ravenna. The entrance is just east of the intersection of Cable Line & Rock Spring Rd, in Edinburgh township. The GPS coordinates are 41.1321604045631, -81.14243175302533
We’ll be operating at least through the morning hours. If the interest is there, we’ll stay later. Or, we can stop around lunch time, and go grab lunch someplace.
I’m available to answer questions. (E-mail: john@wg8x.net, PH/txt: 330-936-5021).
Come on out and have some fun!

John Myers, WG8X



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