Sable Island CY0S DXpedition

Here’s the latest on this DXpedition from Bernie McClenny, W3UR’s Daily DX:
The Sable Island CY0S DXpedition Team was informed by Parks Canada – Sable Island on Wednesday, July 6, that we would need to reschedule the DXpedition from the Fall of 2022. The reason for this significant change is due to a large, six week project Parks Canada has on the island beginning on October 1 and going to at least mid-November 2022. This project was just approved and funding secured on July 4th. After discussions with the Sable Island staff and our DXpedition team, we unanimously agreed on March 20-29, 2023 for the CY0S DXpedition. Finally, after seven years of planning, we have assigned dates for the DXpedition! The CY0S team would like to thank the staff of Parks Canada – Sable Island for diligently working with us to find a suitable alternative date. By moving the DXpedition to March 2023, the CY0S DXpedition team hopes to take advantage of the late winter, early spring band conditions and improving solar numbers. Also this week, Sable Aviation informed us of another increase in the fuel surcharge for our flights to the island. The fuel surcharge has now doubled. If you would like to help support the CY0S DXpedition, this can be done directly from our website: . The CY0S team would like to thank everyone for their patience during this seven year process. It hasn’t been easy and there have been many delays. Such is the challenge of trying to mount a DXpedition to Sable Island!
73 – Chuck W8PT
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