PCARS Gear Available

Please visit the exclusive website below to purchase your very own PCARS gear! We have shirts, (with and without pockets) hats & jackets with our very own logo. You can even add your Call Sign!We will open the website immediately for orders and close it on October 19th. After that, Route 14 Promos will process our orders.Please click the link below to begin:

PCARS Amateur Radio 2018

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PCARS Honored as Hamvention Club of the Year 2018


PCARS is Hamvention Club of the Year!

“The Dayton Hamvention® Club of the Year honors go to the Portage County (Ohio) Amateur Radio Service. This very busy club says it has over 40 hours of activities each month, including public service, student outreach, periodic “Build Days” for working on projects together and monthly “Get On The Air” days when the club station is open for members and guests to learn about HF and different modes of operation.

The members of PCARS are proud to have been selected
for this prestigious award.

All of the members – past and present – have helped make
our club what it is today.

Along with future members our club will be even better in years to come.

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New PCARS Members

Welcome to the latest members of PCARS!

Norm KE8HQK Mantua, Ohio
Brandon KE8KKW Stow, Ohio
Laura N3BSN Atwater, Ohio
Cory W3CDG Atwater, Ohio

If you meet these people on the street, in a meeting, or on the air, be sure to say Hi and introduce yourself. Let’s make our new members feel welcome!

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Birthdays this Month

Bob K8AAB Rick K8CAV Donald K8DER
Mark K8HYM Scott K8SWJ James KC8RKD
Ken KD8EPG Michael KD8IUA Jonathan KD8MLE
John KD8MQ Aaron KD8WHA Robert KD8ZXD
Andrew KE8BWA Paul KE8EGF Michael N8WCP
Paul NO8D David W8GWI Gene W8NET
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Silent Auction of Club Trailer

As most of you know we are holding a silent auction for the club trailer. I have received a lot questions about the trailer so I thought I would send a QST with some pictures and a brief description. Bids over $300 will be accepted with the largest the winner. Bidding will be open until midnight October 25th. Proceeds will go to the Center of Hope.

The trailer was constructed from a fiberglass Swiss Army Ambulance module. The module is mounted on a wood base which is mounted to a steel boat trailer. It has an equipment bench, an Anderson PowerPoll distribution system for DC power, a GFI protected AC power distribution system, a lighting system and an air conditioner. It has bulkhead connections for antennas and AC power. Also included are a good spare tire and cables to connect the trailer to AC power. The trailer does not require a title (under the gross weight requirement). Some additional pictures are attached. At $300+ this is a great deal for anyone that wants to operate from field sites. The trailer and all contents are being sold “AS IS”.

Please send all bids to me at jawilson@j3solutions.com by October 25th. Only bids received by email or in writing will be accepted.

Jim, AC8NT

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Stuff at the Club Site

Just want to remind you we have a lot of great stuff at the club site available for a donation to the Center of Hope. I thought I would let you know what is available.
Wateloo Tool Chests (3 piece tower with casters)
A collection of magnetic mount antennas
Ceiling pot light fixtures. Never used.
Fluke 95 battery operated portable scope. LCD display is weak, but the scope works perfectly.
Ham Sticks for 40 and 20 meters
MFJ 1622 Antenna.
Decent headset
Distallata water cooler with 2 empty jugs
Battery clock
Lots of odds and ends
All these things are available for a donation. They will be available until October 25th, then we will destroy them. We would prefer them to go into the hands of club members. Let me know if you are interested and I will make sure you get access to the club site. The Arizona QSO Party is this weekend and will provide you access for a look.
Remember the trailer is also available for a donation. The minimum donation will be $300. Let me know if you are interested at jawilson@j3solutions.com.
Please remember all the proceeds go to a great cause the Center of Hope.
Jim, AC8NT
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November 50/50 for Center of Hope

The November monthly meeting is coming up and that means we will have the greatest 50/50 of the year. All proceeds will go to The Center of Hope. This is a great cause and one that deserves our support. And this year we have an outstanding list of prizes. We expect everyone will buy a stack of tickets to improve their chances to win one of these:
  • Standard C1208DA 2 Meter mobile rig
  • Baofeng UV-5R w/ amo case
  • Yaesu FT1DR Fusion handheld 144/430
  • BridgeCom D-500 DMR UHF handheld
  • West Mountain PWRgate PG40S
  • Electronics for Dummies book
  • Three $20 gift certificates for apparel
  • HiGain AV-18VS 80-10 Vertical antenna
These are all great prizes and worthy of a sizable donation. And there may be even more things on the list before the big event.
So please plan to come to the meeting and support The Center of Hope.
Jim, AC8NT

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Members Area Online

The Members area is operating once again.

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Minutes from the August meeting

The minutes from the August meeting are enclosed here.
Tom WB8LCD – PCARS (old) Secretary
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PCARS Membership Certificate and Badge

If you have never received your PCARS Membership Certificate or Badge, I will probably have it with me at the PCARS Cruise in this coming Thursday night, or, at the BBQSO Party on Saturday (I will be there mostly in the afternoon).  I would be happy for you to pick it up from me there.
I’m hoping that you will be able to attend at least one, of not both of these PCARS activities!  Hope to see you all there.
Tom wb8lcd – PCARS Secretary
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Ohio QSO Party and PCARS BB-QSO Party

PCARS Members:

I received a reminder from the Ohio QSO Party Activity Whip – Dan W8CAR. I thought it was pretty good, so I copied some of it here for you.

Reminder that the Ohio QSO Party is only 13 days away. Mark your calendar for August 25, Saturday, from noon till midnight EDST (1600Z-0400Z) CW and SSB – work stations on both modes on all bands (except WARC of course)

Here’s your chance to be the Hunted and not the Hunter.

Why you should operate:
1) Check out the radios we have at the club site.
2) Football preseason games are a waste.
4) The more activity the better
5) Add to your county, mode, band count if you keep records
7) Come and have some good BBQ Burgers & Dogs and fellowship with your fellow members. Bring a dish to pass around.
9) Did I mention “BIG FUN!!”?

Come on out and help your fellow PCARS members put K8BF (KILO 8 BIG FUN) on the air. We’ll keep a light on for you.

Chuck, W8PT
Contest Coordinator

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July Meeting Minutes

Hi everyone,
Here’s the Minutes from the July club meeting.
Tom wb8lcd
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Ohio State Parks On The Air

It’s time to plan to visit one of our great Ohio State parks and have a little contest fun.Mark this date September 8th on your calendar and visit www.OSPOTA.org for all the details.
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