About Us

Portage County Amateur Radio Service

The Club that puts the FUN in Ham Radio!

The Portage County Amateur Radio Service is an active club with a packed schedule of activities. Each month, we organize over 30 hours of events, including Special Interest Groups (SIGs), periodic “Build Days,” and various operating events. Some notable events include the “Freeze Your Acorns Off (FYAO)” in March, Field Day in June, and the Ohio State Parks on the Air contest (OSPOTA) in September. In addition to these activities, we also prioritize group bonding through our “Park Expeditions,” Amateur Radio “Cruise-In,” Ohio BBQso Party, and we wrap up the year with our Annual Christmas Dinner Party.

If you are interested in delving deeper into technical aspects and gaining practical experience, we invite you to join our Special Interest Groups (SIGs). These SIGs convene every Tuesday evening at the PCARS club site, situated at 705 Oakwood St. in Ravenna. The SIGs cover a range of topics including Antennas, HF WAS & DX/Contesting, portable operations, and Digital Communications. These groups are typically smaller in size and attract individuals who share a keen interest in a specific area of the hobby. It serves as an excellent platform to seek guidance, ask questions, and receive assistance pertaining to your unique concerns.

There is typically a Spring Technician Class offered, as well as a Winter General Class upgrade class. PCARS has undertaken numerous group build projects, including antennas, power pole distribution boxes, a “spud gun” style antenna launcher, baluns, and an interface box for digital operations. Regardless of your specific interests in Amateur Radio, you will undoubtedly find like-minded individuals within our group. We prioritize enjoyment and fun when it comes to Amateur Radio!

Furthermore, our club site features multiple stations that are available for members to use whenever the site is open or upon request. Additionally, we have a dedicated team of ARRL Volunteer Examiners (VE) who regularly administer license exams.

We extend a warm invitation for you to join us at our monthly meetings, whether in person or through ZOOM. PCARS host a weekly 2-meter net every Thursday evening at 8:00 PM local time. You can tune in to the K8IV repeater, which operates at a frequency of 146.895 MHz (118.8 PL), or connect via EchoLink using the K8BF node. We look forward to your participation!

Our group comprises passionate individuals who are deeply dedicated to their hobby. Our primary objective is to meticulously organize and execute our events in a manner that effectively communicates our mission statement.

During our Annual fundraising event, the Portage County Amateur Radio Service (PCARS) has consistently demonstrated unwavering dedication in their fundraising endeavors for the Center of Hope, a community food program overseen by Family & Community Services (FCS).

PCARS was honored with the prestigious 2018 Hamvention Club of the Year award. The Radiogram, which serves as the official PCARS newsletter, has been recognized with numerous awards from both the ARRL Ohio Section and the Great Lakes Divisions.

Are you not already thrilled? Would you like to become a member of our club? For further details, please reach out to us via email at info@portcars.org or attend one of our upcoming events.

If you’re ready to start your journey, you can download the membership application and begin the process of becoming a member!