PCARS Flex Net

The PCARS FlexNet is a monthly net for PCARS members and all other
hams using a variety of bands & modes.
The net is held on the second Wednesday of the month at 8:00pm.

Every month the net will be held on a different band.

There will be two parts to the net. The first is a quick check in and social time. (This net is not designed to take the place of the weekly Thursday night nets on 146.895.)

The second part will be devoted to the PCARS A-to-Z Award where you will be given the chance to work different PCARS members in order to earn the
award. (Information on the award also in this month’s newsletter.)

While you do not need to be a member to check into the FlexNet, qualifying for the A-to-Z Award requires that you are a PCARS member, so we would kindly ask that you state that you are not a member during the check in portion of the net and refrain from participating in the A-to-Z exchange portion of the net.

If you are a PCARS member participating in the A-to-Z net, the only requirement is that you provide a QSL card to each and every member that requests a QSL card from you.

The new PCARS “Squirrel Buro” will hopefully help to defray the cost of exchanging cards by providing members a free way to trade cards at their
convenience. (Information on this also in this month’s newsletter.)

The A-to-Z portion of the net will be run like any typical net with K8BF/N8WCP as net control. The exchange between stations is simple, callsign, name, and signal report.
Exchange format: Net control will prompt calling station for each station next on the roster. If calling station cannot hear net control, designated alternate net control will relay net roster. Stations will have 3
attempts to call/work each station. If after 3 attempts to work a station fail, NCS will move calling station on to next call sign. More than anything, this net is hopefully going to get more people on the air more consistently, help other members earn their first HF or SSB wallpaper, and help to put more FUN into amateur radio!

Here are the net control & user logs for the Flex Net: