Group Builds

One of the great things about having a Club Site is the versatility it gives us for club events. One of the things that we do is to get together and build stuff. Below, you will see some of our more recent group builds. These are open to any PCARS member.

We have planned two antenna builds for this year.

The first one, scheduled on April 27 from 0900-1200, will involve constructing a 4:1 hybrid Ruthroff-type balun/choke antenna. Brandon Mercer, KE8ARB, will be leading this build.

This antenna is quite versatile, capable of handling 100 watts and working on frequencies ranging from 80-10m. It can be used for a delta loop or an off-center fed antenna. The cost for participating in this build is $40, which covers everything except the antenna wire. The build process is expected to take around 3-4 hours. To join, please RSVP to and payment will be required upfront. Further details will be communicated through a QST message.

The second build, scheduled for June 8, will involve constructing a roll-up J-pole antenna. John Myers, WG8X, will be leading this build. More information will be available on our website and will also be shared through a QST message.

2023 Builds

September, 2023 Arduino Programming session
September 2023 Arduino session
On Saturday September 30th, we held a build day focusing on the basics of Arduino. This build was not a programming course. It presented information on making small edits to Arduino programs like changing call signs and other simple parameters. Jim Wilson (AC8NT) also covered some other tools that could be very useful for beginners such as the online simulator, Fritzing (, and Scratch (
Arduino Build

Oct 2022 PowerPole Build
October, 2022 Power Pole Build
In October, 2022, we held another group build. This one was for a Power Pole Distribution panel. It sounds like all had a great time.