Welcome – We’re PCARS

PCARS is an ARRL Affiliated, Special Services Club. We are a group of Amateur Radio hobbyists located in Portage County, Ohio who believe that the whole point of being in the hobby of Amateur Radio is to have fun with it. Whether you are a new ham or an “old timer”, PCARS has something to offer you. The PCARS monthly meeting is held the second Monday of each month and the meetings start at 7:00 PM. We meet at The American Legion Post 496 – 1945 Mogadore Rd, in Kent. Click for more info!!

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New PCARS Members

Welcome to the latest members of PCARS!

Ralph N8BAYStow, OH
If you meet these people on the street, in a meeting, or on the air, be sure to say Hi and introduce yourself. Let's make our new members feel welcome!

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Birthdays this Month

Vince AC8XOBen AD8FQKevin AD8MO
Steve KC8YSURena KD8EPFRandall KD8JN
Jennifer KD8LIRJohn KD8SIZRichard KD8WCK
Bernadette KE8LWOKeith KE8TQRMark N8NH

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Latest News

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Inputs Needed For The July Radiogram

It’s time again to collect Inputs for the upcoming edition of The Radiogram!

Did you have an amazing Field Day? Have you been working on a project? Made some exciting new contacts? Tried something new? Made a change to your shack? Your fellow PCARS members want to hear about it! Share what you’re enjoying in The Greatest Hobby On Earth.

If you’ve never contributed to The Radiogram or if it’s been a while, now is a great time to share something with the club.

Please send your inputs either in a plain old text with full size pictures to kc8jc@portcars.org by Friday, June 28.


J.C. Wilson – KC8JC

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PCARS DXers & Contesters:

Our monthly DX/Contesting Special Interest Group meeting will take place this coming Tuesday, June 25th, at 7PM at our famous PCARS World HQ.

Our discussion will be on the upcoming PCARS participation in the North American QSO Party – RTTY Mode, that takes place July 20-21. Since we have not participated in a RTTY contest for a while, we will be discussing all aspects of our participation. So I hope to see many of you in person or attending on ZOOM.

Event: DX/Contesting Special Interest Group meeting
Topic: NA QSO Party – RTTY
Time: July 25th at 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 985 2472 1220
Passcode: 088557

73 – Chuck W8PT

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PCARS 2024 Safety Briefing

 Acknowledge via email or Sign On Site

PCARS Field Day 2024 –Safety Briefing

Note: ALL members participating in SetUp/Tear Down must read this briefing and acknowledge that they have read and understand the info. Please send an acknowledgement (with name and call) stating so to Safety Officer: Tony WA8AR tromito99@gmail,com, cell: 330-844-0140. This will take the place of an in person safety meeting on FD, but still making sure everyone knows and understands the info.

Setup/Teardown: The equipment the volunteers need to bring are gloves and safety glasses (REQUIRED). Steel toe shoes are always a good idea. Rain gear is essential (just in case). If shoes/boots are not waterproof an extra pair of dry shoes and socks are a good idea. The club will supply up to one dozen basic hardhats, but I encourage you to bring your own hardhat, if you own one. Hardhats must be worn whenever you are working in an area where there is any equipment (antenna components) or any hardware above your head. If you choose not to wear a hardhat, step aside! Remember, that even a medium size bolt falling from 25 or 30 feet can cause serious injuries (or worse).

In Case of Emergency: For Fire, serious injury or illness FIRST call 911. Our location is Freedom Township Park, SW intersection of Streeter Rd and SR 700. If minor injury call safety Officer at 330-844-0140 of via radio 146.550. First aid kits are stored at the 40m and Flex stations plus at the information table.

Safety Officer: 40 hour safety trained but not CPR certified.

Nearest Hospital: If you need immediate medical care the closest Emergency care is at UH Portage Medical Center, 6847 Chestnut St. Ravenna, 44266 (about a15 min. drive from our FD site).

Fire Hazard/Smoking: Fuel for generators is stored near each station. NO SMOKING within 50 feet of fuel storage areas or Generators. Each station is equipped with fire extinguisher(s).

Grounding: All equipment must be grounded.

Trip Hazards/Antenna Support Lines: All antenna supports will be marked with flagging with Chem lights added at night. However, everyone needs to pay close attention to where they walk in order to avoid trip hazards.

Cold Water: There will be an adequate supply of cold bottled water available (free) in coolers located at the picnic shelter. Please stay hydrated and consume food to keep your electrolytes balanced.

Lightning: Due to the hot humid conditions, lightning producing storms are possible. Safety officer will monitor real time lightning strikes in the site vicinity. An alert will be issued when lightning is within 5 miles of the site. If lightning approaches closer operators may be told to shut down.

Member/Volunteer Name _________________________ Date_____________

Tony WA8AR, Safety Officer/ Field Day Chairman

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Field Day Weather


Saturday: will be hot and sunny; 90 degrees by 3:00 pm. Winds 6 to 11 mph. Although no rain is forecast, showers and lightning can pop up, STAY ALERT

Overnight: Temps will slowly fall to 76 degrees. Winds 8 to 12 mph. No rain overnight.

Sunday: Temps 77 to 81 degrees. Winds 12 to 16 mph (possibly higher in thunderstorms). Ran and scattered thunderstorms possible from 8am & throughout the day.

We will be monitoring for the development of Thunderstorms. If lightning is detected approaching a perimeter of 5 miles from our FD site, operators will be warned. If lightning gets closer than 5 miles, operations will be shut down until the storm passes to a safe distance.

Warning: Especially on Saturday, be sure to drink plenty of water. However, simply drinking water may not be enough to avoid heat stroke. If perspiring heavily you must also replace your electrolytes. Special drinks, salty foods or salt tablets are recommended.

Again, stay alert and be prepared!

Tony WA8AR,
Field Day Chairman

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REMINDER – Field Day 2024 – Snacks and Drinks

REMINDER – Field Day 2024 – Snacks and Drinks

PCARS will be supplying plenty of cold water on Field Day, along with coolers and ice. For the days leading up to Field Day, temperatures are forecast to be in the high 80’s; creeping to the low 90’s so please stay hydrated and be careful to get enough electrolytes (salt) . Regardless of the daytime temperatures, the nights can get very cool, so operators need to come prepared. Rain is always a possibility! The Club will also have Coffee and a coffee maker in the picnic shelter. There will also be a microwave setup for heating food as needed.

The Club, as usual, will not be supplying Soft Drinks; please bring your own and if possible a some extra for sharing with others. There will be plenty of extra coolers and Ice supplied by PCARS.

Also please donate chips, pretzels or other snacks for sharing. Those operators work up an appetite burning up the airwaves; making all those Q’s!!!

Tony WA8AR, Field Day Chairman

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