PCARS Gear is available at all PCARS meetings, or order by mail by contacting the PCARS Treasurer.



The PCARS club logo looks great on your hat, jacket, shirt, just about anywhere. These iron-on patches are approximately 3 inches square and are embroidered in Red, Black, and Blue. Your price: $2


The 4″ x 8″ PCARS oval patch highlights the club logo. Great for your bumper, rear window, in your go-kit or in the shack. Your price: $1

The 3″ x 10″ PCARS bumper sticker is just what you need to cover that old presidential election sticker on your car. Your Price: $1


Special Order Items

Contact Steve K8SRR for Special Order merchandise. EMAIL

Need Batteries?

PCARS has partnered with Interstate Batteries to provide additional funding for the Club through the Interstate Batteries online fundraising program.Interstate Batteries offers over 10,000 different kinds of batteries, which can be shipped to your doorstep in just a couple of days.

You already buy these batteries for your remote controls, laptop computers, cell phones, cameras, and other many other devices.

All you need to do is put PCARS in the coupon code and we will get credit for the sale. Our first order placed on this program totaled over $800!