Welcome to the latest members of PCARS!
Wayne AK8URavenna, Ohio
Mike KC8LJONovelty, Ohio
James KD8MOFAkron, Ohio
Teresa KE8LJQNiles, Ohio
Mark KE8LWLRavenna, Ohio
Holly KE8LWMRavenna, Ohio
Bernadette KE8LWOStow, Ohio
Agnes KE8LWPStow, Ohio
James N2KWWTallmadge, Ohio
Richard WB3HUSNiles, Ohio
Josh K8YLKAkron, Ohio
Wayne KC8QPCAkron, Ohio
William WD8KGHStow, Ohio
If you meet these people on the street, in a meeting, or on the air, be sure to say Hi and introduce yourself. Let's make our new members feel welcome!