2019 Center of Hope Donation

Yes! PCARS will once again be presenting a donation to the Center of Hope right after our November meeting this year. No matter what it turns out to be, I know that the folks from both the Center of Hope and Family & Community Services will appreciate what we do for them. I also know that those in the community who receive the meals and food that is provided for will also appreciate our donation. No matter how it turns out – everybody WINS!

Our name, Portage County Amateur Radio Service, and our Mission Statement both stress that one of our goals is to be of service to our community. While this club activity does not involve Amateur Radio directly, it does show that our club has a bigger vision as to what our service can be.   And we certainly hope our club is seen by our community as an organization willing to help in ways that are not as obvious, but still of great benefit to the community in which we live.

We have a pretty good story to share and no-one can accuse us of being just a bunch of crusty old guys who stay in the basement!  PCARS presented a donation to the Center of Hope in our very first year of existence – 2006. That year’s donation was small, about $300. But, we have given a donation every year since then, the total of which now stands at just over $39,000! Last year’s donation alone was $9600.

That’s a pretty sizable amount for a group like PCARS.  For 2019, our goal is to take it over the top again!  $10,000 should not be unrealistic as our donation goal for 2019.

Are you a member of any other Amateur Radio clubs, or other civic clubs or organizations?  Maybe just a civic minded individual who wants to support their community.  Why not participate with us? You are invited to come to our November meeting! That meeting is held on Monday, November 11th at the Kent American Legion.  

Even if you can’t come to our meeting, donations can be made using the PAYPAL button at the top of this page.  Donations can also be made by check payable directly to the Center of Hope.  Donations can be given to any PCARS member to deliver to the club, or, mailed directly to PCARS   (PCARS   705 Oakwood St., box 12,   Ravenna, OH  44266) for inclusion with our donation. Cash is certainly acceptable, but we would prefer it not be put in the mail.  All donations will receive a receipt directly from Center of Hope.

By the way, both the Center of Hope and PCARS are charitable organizations, and donations are 100% deductible (we are not offering tax advice and ask you to check with your accountant or tax preparer if you have any questions as to how the deduction would benefit you).

The Center of Hope provides hot meals and food assistance to disadvantaged residents of Portage County.  They serve more than 100,000 people each year through their programs.  Out of every dollar donated to the Center of Hope, 94 cents goes directly towards service to the community.  I am proud that PCARS has supported them through the years and hope that we can continue to be a significant part of their mission to our community. I hope you will all join in to make this our biggest year ever!