I bet you’re getting tired of seeing COVID-19 notices! I sure am.
PCARS has a VE session this coming Wednesday (03/18) 7:00PM at the clubsite. Unless we are hit with further restrictions, THIS PCARS EVENT WILL BE HELD AS SCHEDULED!
After the VE session, ALL “in person” PCARS events WILL BE CANCELLED until further notice. This will include the power pole build on Saturday, all Special Interest Groups, Net Night at the Clubsite, the April 4th VE Session, the April 6th Officer’s Meeting, and, most probably, the April 13th General club meeting.
Here’s the good news!
The Power Pole build will be rescheduled. The PCARS Thursday night 2 meter net will continue as usual. We will be very quickly adding some additional operating activities and other programming via Skype, Facebook and other virtual venues. Stay Tuned.
In the meantime, I will act as a contact point for all things PCARS. I will keep you up to date via QST’s, the PCARS Facebook page and the PCARS Group. If you are a PCARS member or Friend who needs assistance in any way, contact me directly via my personal email ( ) and I will attempt to get any help for you that may be available from other PCARS members.
Stay home wherever and whenever possible. Be Safe. This will soon pass.
In the meantime, I’ll keep you posted.
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VE TESTING Wednesday March 18th at 7 PM STILL ON

The special VE testng scheduled for Wednesday 3/18 at the club site is stiil a GO.
The number of people is small.
All we ask is: if you feel uncomfortable about attending, or if you have a cold or flu, please do not attend.
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FD Meeting & Antenna SIG – CANCELLED

I realize that the response to this virus outbreak has been overblown by the news media. However, since the number of cases in the US has increased by about a thousand and the virus is several times mire dangerous than the regular Flu, I think it is prudent that we cancel these two meetings. The best way for you not to get this virus is to stay away from other people as much as possible. Diabetics are particularly vulnerable as is anyone with other health conditions.
For FD I will be contacting staff with specific questions and hopefully we will be able to reconvene next month. In the meantime everyone take care and stay safe.
73 Tony WA8AR
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Dayton Hamvention Announces Cancellation of 2020 Show


For the first time in its 68-year history, Dayton Hamvention® will not take place this year, due to concerns about the coronavirus outbreak. The glum news was not entirely unexpected, given widespread cancelations of public gatherings and a national state of emergency.

“The Hamvention Executive Committee has been monitoring the COVID19 pandemic. We have worked very closely with our local and state health departments. It is with a very heavy heart the Hamvention Executive Committee has decided to cancel Hamvention for this year,” Hamvention General Chair Jack Gerbs, WB8SCT, said in announcing the cancelation on March 15. “This decision is extremely difficult for us, but with around 2 months until the Great Gathering we felt this action necessary. More specific details regarding the closure will soon be posted. Thank you for your understanding in this time of international crisis.”

The Dayton Hamvention cancelation comes less than a week after the International DX Convention in Visalia, California, called off this year’s show. The Dayton Amateur Radio Association (DARA) sponsors Hamvention.

Since 2017, Hamvention has been held each May at the Greene County Fairgrounds and Expo Center in Xenia, Ohio. The international gathering attracted more than 32,000 visitors in 2019.

Hamvention’s announcement has caused the cancelation of other associated events. These include Contest University, the Contest Dinner, and the Top Band Dinner.

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PCARS Thursday Night 2 Meter Net Tonight at 8 PM

Join us tonight at 8 PM for the PCARS 2 Meter Net. This is a great time to exchange news and comments with other PCARS members. The net meets on 146.895 with a PL Tone of 118.8. Contact can also be made using EchoLink and the K8SRR-R node.
Also, if you are interested in helping with this net, consider becoming Net Control. It is a lot of fun and an easy skill to learn. Just let me know if you are interested.
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Great Lakes Convention & Toledo Hamfest Cancelled

There is a great deal of concern and hype over the Coronavirus in Ohio. It has prompted TMRA to act upon these decisions.
COLUMBUS — Ohio. Gov. Mike DeWine on Wednesday said he plans to issue an executive order barring public participation in sporting events and other large gatherings (Tuesdays news conference defines large gathering as 100 or more), and that a closure of K-12 schools could happen soon as the state continues to battle with a coronavirus outbreak.
The governor’s allusion to even more drastic virus mitigation steps coming in the near future came as officials announced a 53-year old male from Stark County has tested positive for coronavirus, marking the fourth case in Ohio and the first case officials consider to be “community spread.” Community spread cases are cases where the afflicted individual did not become sick as a result of traveling.
TMRA at this time is cancelling the March 14th Great Lakes Conference along with the March 15th Hamfest in order to further protect our regular attendees and vendors.
At the present time TMRA has had several conference presenters and vendors cancel out on our event. We at TMRA do not want to put on an event that you will not get your monies worth or not get the presenters that were promised.
All those that pre-purchased tickets (for any portion of our events) will be fully refunded over the upcoming week. We look forward to your participation at future events!
ARRL Ohio Section
Section Manager: Scott D Yonally, N8SY
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Visalia (International DX Convention)

What might this mean for Dayton??
March 10, 2020
We send out our apologies to all our perspective patrons of the 2020
International DX Convention. Due to concerns, health and wellbeing of our
amateur radio family, our age group and possible compromised health issues; we are taking the side of safety and cancelling the convention.
Even though the percentage of COVID-19 is low, there are person(s) who have the illness but mild form and have not seen a physician. It only takes 1
person to pass the virus to a person with a compromised illness.
We will be in close proximity of each other, yes the timing is bad, but all
of your lives and families are more important.
Cathy Gardenias K6VC
Kris Jacob KC6TO
The IDXC 2020 Committee
73 – Chuck W8PT
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Power Pole Distribution Board Build Saturday March 21st at 9 AM

We have build day coming up. The project is a power distribution board. The board has 4 output ports each individually fused with a “circuit working” LED. It also features a main fuse with power indicating LED. This board has been designed for easy connection to both current and voltage monitoring meters. All connections are made using PowerPole connectors. The build time for the project is about 2 hours.
If you are interested in this build, the kits will cost $25 and you need to let Tom WB8LCD ( know you are interested. We have 22 kits available containing all components and the board, as well as, a main fuse so if you are interested let Tom know as soon as possible.
We are also designing a box for this project that will be laser cut from acrylic with mounting provision for metering. It will be available in the near future. A completed board with metering will be at the club site for the build.
Jim, AC8NT
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W2NAF Slide Deck and Video

Thank you to everyone who joined us for the March meeting on Monday! Here is the slide deck and video of the presentation by Dr. Nathaniel A. Frissell, W2NAF. You will probably have to download these files because of their size. If those links don’t work, use the following links copied to your browser:
Nick, AC8QG
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SWODXA DX Dinner at Hamvention

March 9th, 2020
Mike Suhar – W8RKO
The SouthWest Ohio DX Association (SWODXA) has announced that
Debbie Anderson will be the keynote speaker at the 35th annual DX Dinner®. The dinner, held in conjunction with the 2020 Dayton Hamvention®, will be on Friday, May 15th, at the Marriott Hotel in Dayton.
Debbie Anderson, only child of Joseph and Dorothy Desch, grew up feeling that her family was unusual. Her father, engineer at NCR for 34 years, often mentioned events during WW2, before she was born. When asked about WW2, however, Mr. Desch would stall or quickly change the topic. After his death in 1987 Debbie began a slow but steady search for information about her father’s wartime work. Slowly the story of wartime codebreaking was uncovered—specifically, reading German communications hidden in the Enigma cipher.
She’s been speaking on this topic since 1990. She also maintains a web site on the Dayton codebreaking story and was associate producer of a documentary Dayton Codebreakers which has played on American Public Television since 2006.
For more information and to order dinner tickets, visit WWW.SWODXAEVENTS.ORG.
73 – Chuck W8PT
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