Antenna Special Interest Group

The Antenna Special Interest Group will be meeting, Tuesday, 5/20/2014, at the Club Site. The meeting will begin at 7:00 pm. All PCARS members are invited to attend. If you are considering building a new antenna/antenna system at your QTH please feel free to stop in and discuss your plans with the group.
This month the special discussion topic will be the continued planning for the first PCARS Amateur Radio high altitude balloon launch project.  A project general specification sheet will be sent out Tuesday afternoon which lists all major components of the balloon and instrument package plus major launch planning items.  We need to begin building and testing elements of the instrument package in the next few weeks.  Input from all interested club members will be welcomed.
As always, assisting fellow club members with their antenna projects will be job 1 for the group.  So come on out and discuss your spring antenna projects with the group.
See you all there!
Tony WA8AR

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Net Night at the Club Site

Ray, WA4WGA, would like to attend net night, but needs transportation.  Anyone out around the Chapel Hill area, or willing to travel that way to help him out?  Let me know and I'll get you together with him.  I know he would appreciate the help.

Tom wb8lcd

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ARES Invitation

Hello everyone,

Please join us this Thursday at 7:00pm for the ARES of Portage County
bi-weekly training net. All are welcome and we hope to hear you check
in. These nets give you an opportunity to check equipment and get training on ARES operations and procedures. The repeater frequency is 146.895 with pl tones of 110.9 and 118.8.


Mike DiCarro, KD8FLZ 

EC Portage County, District 5

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K8IV Repeater

I've just received notice that the K8IV repeater will be down for a few days.  Work at KSU will  shut it down but hopefully will be completed before the weeks end.  I'd suggest using other local repeaters or simplex in the meantime.

Tom wb8lcd

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Calling All Hamvention Visitors

Hello PCARS,
For those of you that were at the Dayton Hamvention – PLEASE, send me the pictures you took so I can put them in the next newsletter.
Also, if you have a story to tell about your Hamvention adventure, send that along as well.

Hope you have all recovered from Dayton (only 12 months until Dayton 2015 !!)
Please, send your photos to:


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Net Night at the Club Site

Hey All!  This Thursday, May 22 is the 4th Thursday of the month – that means it's net night at the club site.  We'll have some snacks and a beverage or two.  This month, being the week just after the Dayton Hamvention, please bring along your latest acquisition, and/or some of the neat stuff you got information on and want to poll the group about.  Let's make it a big net and a good time.

See you there around 6:30 till whenever……
Tom  wb8lcd

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Fw: [MRRC] 2014 Dayton Contest University Live Stream

On Tuesday, May 13, 2014 9:29 AM, Tim Duffy <> wrote:
Starting this Thursday morning at 1200 Zulu (8 AM EDT) Contest University
from Dayton will live stream via the web selected CTU classes.

Thanks to Icom America for making this happen.

On Thursday morning go to http://contestuniversity and click on the USTREAM

For contesters attending Dayton – here are some activities you do not want
to miss:

Tim K3LR

MRRC mailing list

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Two Dayton tickets

Due to some last minute changes it looks like I probably won’t be going.

I’ve got two tickets for $20 ea which is $5 saving if u r going and plan to buy tickets at the door. Plus you won’t have to stand in line!

I’d like to sell both in one shot but will go 1 by 1 if that are only offers that come in. I live in Stow & work in Akron so can meet for exchange as needed within reason.

Please feel free to forward this to anyone else you think might be interested in this opportunity.

Email me back or call cell 330-351-1347. Leave msg and contact info if no answer.

Thanks & 73′s de Rich AF1K

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K3LR Contest Station from the air

A New Video of the fantastic K3LR Contest Station is now on YouTube. This one really shows the whole layout and how high those towers are! 
Watch it & get all ready for our visit to K3LR on Saturday, May 31st !!

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Youth DX Adventure

I want to remind you that we will accept donations this evening for the 2014 Youth DX Adventure trip to PJ2T in Curacao this July.  If you can get your donations in then I can take a check to them this week at the hamvention.  This is a program worthy of our (your) support!

More information can be found at .
Tom  wb8lcd

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