Hello DXers:
I received another posting regarding North Korea.  It was posted about 5 hours ago.  It says that 3Z9DX Dom is planning to be active from P5 in Jan and Feb. but no dates were given.  Since I had received at least two postings saying that his plans had changed and he was now going to be active during the summer of this year, this whole P5 thing is beginning to sound a little hokey. I'm trying my best to give you DXers the straight, honest info on anything I get wind of, but there has been a lot of info going out that this is a big hoax despite that pics showing Dom with some North Korean diplomats.  So I will pass on what I hear and tell you all to Work First and Worry Later. It's the only thing we can do at this point unless and until there is some concrete info one way of the other.
Here are a couple of recently posted items that might interest a few of you and they are real.

V73/WW6RG Kwajalein Atoll & WW6RG/KH9 Wake Island

Randy WW6RG will be active from Kwajalein Atoll (Marshall Islands), IOTA OC-028,  18 to 28 January 2016 as V73/WW6RG.
Also will be active from Wake Island, IOTA OC-053, 22 January only, 04 – 08 UTC as WW6RG/KH9, on 20m and 15m.

QSL via home call.



5V7BD, 5V7GD & 5V7FMD Togo

Baldur DJ6SI, Gabi DF9TM (YL) and Frank DL2SWW will be active from Togo till 26 January 2016 respectively as 5V7BD, 5V7GD, 5V7FMD.

5V7BD CW only, 5V7GD SSB only and 5V7FMD SSB and RTTY.

QSL via Home calls.


 73 – Chuck Patellis  W8PT

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I need Your Help de WB8LCD

Every Year at Hamvention, there is an award given for the club of the year.  I believe that it should be a club from Ohio, and narrowing it down even more, I believe it should be PCARS! 
Help me by convincing the Hamvention award committee that PCARS would deserve this honor.  I've included here a copy of the nomination form, in both .pdf and.doc format, so that you can fill it out and submit it to the committee.  Here is what they say they are looking for: 
The Club of the Year will be honored for their contribution to and service of their community, their state and the nation. Special attention will be given to bringing young folks into the world of amateur radio.
Once you've completed your form, please email it to:  awards@hamvention.org.   
or mail to:
Attn: Awards Committee
Box 964
Dayton, OH 45401-0964
If you know of others who might be willing to submit a nomination, please forward it to them also  (Think members of other clubs and their officers, ARRL officers, community members, and especially, "young folks")
Any questions?  email me directly – wb8lcd@portcars.org
Lets give it our best shot!
73, and "Thank You" for your help with this,

doc icon Clubawardform.doc
pdf icon Clubawardform.pdf

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The 2016 Breeze Shooters Groundwave Contest

This weekend is the start of the 10 Meter Groundwave contests put on by the BreezeShooters

Visit http://www.breezeshooters.net/html/groundwave_contest.htm for
more details on the contest and the rules.

Dates are as follows-

PSK31 Contest– Saturday January 16 8P-Midnight

CW Contest– Saturday February 13 8P-Midnight

SSB Contest– Saturday March 12 8P-Midnight

Judging- Thursday April 21 at the Breezeshooters Regular Meeting

Results to be posted Thursday April 28 on the Breezeshooters Web site.

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2016 Ohio Winter Rally

Pat could really use the help with this.

Subject: 2016 Ohio Winter Rally

The Ohio Winter Rally will run until midnight (ish) again this year.

Start and finish at Oak & Embers Tavern, 8003 Mayfield Rd. (US Rte. 322),

Chesterland, OH 44026.

February 6th.

We are going to meet about 2pm to get our assignments.

Please pass this along on any net you are on.

If interested please send email to   info@geaugacountyares.org


Pat Karl


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The weekly PCARS Net is tonight at 8:00PM.  Check it out on the 146.895 repeater.  Tom – KB8UUZ is your NCS this evening.
Tom wb8lcd

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ARES invitation

Hello everyone,

Please join us tonight at 7:00pm for the ARES of Portage County
bi-weekly training net. All are welcome and we hope to hear you check
in. These nets give you an opportunity to check equipment and get training on ARES operations and procedures. The repeater frequency is 146.895 with a pl tone of 110.9.


Mike DiCarro, KD8FLZ 

EC Portage County, District 5

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Field Day Meeting

As announced at our monthly meeting on Monday and in a few emails, there will be a Field Day meeting tonight at 7PM at the club site.  I hope that those on the FD Staff can make it and others who are interested are certainly welcome.
If the WX gets hairy, we will send out an email and reschedule.

 73 – Chuck  W8PT

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Tonight – 7:00PM at the club site.
FYAO coming up Feb 13th.  What will work?
See you there.
Tom wb8lcd

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Amateur Radio Roundtable


W5KUB.COM watched in over 150 countries

Amateur Radio Roundtable 

Subject: Pirate Radio, meet the man


Our guest this week (January 12) on Amateur Radio Roundtable is Allan Weiner, famous pirate radio broadcaster.  Allan’s radio career started in the 1960s when he, as a teenager, built home-brew radio transmitters and put them on the air. He had numerous stations including AM, FM, Shortwave, and even tried putting on a pirate TV station on in New York on Channel 6. Soon, Allan obtained world wide notoriety when he launched Radio New York International, broadcasting on several frequencies from a ship out in the Atlantic Ocean off the cost of New York.  After five days, the FCC, FBI, and Coast Guard finally boarded his ship and shut down the operation.  Allan and crew were arrested.  During Allan’s appearance on our show, we will discuss a wide range of topics; Allan’s radio beginnings, how and why he did it, the outcome of the raids, future pirate attempts, his collection of military surplus equipment (including working radar systems), and the restoration of vintage radio equipment.  Did you see the MGM movie Blown Away (Jeff Bridges & Tommy Lee Jones)? That was Allan’s pirate radio ship that was blown up.   We will also discuss how Allan became legal and now owns and operates several licensed radio stations, including WBCQ, which simulcasts our show.The chat room and viewer phone lines will be open


There will not be a show next Tuesday Jan 19th but we will be back on Jan 26. 

Be sure to send your FCC related questions to Riley Hollingsworth, K4ZDH, at askriley@w5kub.com?subject=Question%20for%20Riley” target=_blank>AskRiley@w5kub.com. Riley retired from the FCC’s Compliance and Information Bureau as Legal Adviser for Enforcement Program. He will answer your questions every few weeks on our “Ask Riley” segment.

Remember our show is also on international shortwave radio station WBCQ out of Monticello, ME on 5110 Khz, Please send a signal report to tom@w5kub.com?subject=Shortwave%20Radio%20Report” target=_blank>tom@w5kub.com.

Amateur Radio Roundtable is a live weekly amateur radio webcast, held every Tuesday night at 8 PM CT (0200 UTC Wednesday) at  W5KUB.com.  The show covers a wide range of topics for ham radio operators and electronic hobbyists; including balloon launches, satellite, go-kits, emergency communications, SDR, digital modes, DXing, home brewing, hamfest updates, and more. We also want to grow our shortwave listener base and will be including programs that intrest those listeners as well.  Viewers will have the opportunity to ask questions via the chat room or telephone. 

We need your help.  If you use Twitter, please send out an announcement about the show..
Towards the end of each show, we provide a link and viewers who have a camera, microphone, and a Google+ account, can join the show. Your video and audio will be on the webcast.  This part of the show is very informal and up to 10 people can join. We talk about anything the viewers want to discuss.

If you have a specific subject idea for a future show, send an email to tom@w5kub.com?subject=Idea%20for%20future%20show” target=_blank>tom@w5kub.com.

Forward this message to a Friend will allow you to share this message with your friends.

If you missed last week’s show, you can watch it here on our Youtube channel.  Our shows are recorded and placed on YouTube’s W5KUB channel the following day.

Join us for fun and interesting discussions!

Tom Medlin, W5KUB


Allan Weiner, famous ex-radio pirate and owner of WBCQ

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tom@W5KUB.com” target=_blank>Email

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ARES Net Invitation

Hello everyone,

Please take time to check in this Thursday to the ARES of Portage County bi-weekly training net, 7:00 PM. This gives you an opportunity to check equipment and get training on ARES and Ham Radio procedures and operations. The repeater frequency is 146.895 with a pl tone of 110.9.
You do not need to be a member to check in.


Mike, KD8FLZ 

EC Portage County, District 5

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