PCARS Rover Run

Hello again from Parkman:
There has been some interest in re-establishing our mobile 2m simplex contest that we had called a sprint. 
Not to get too technical, but a sprint in HAM speak is a contest where you make a contact and then must change frequency to make another contact. That is an oversimplification but it serves the purpose.
So what I have proposed is, if we reinstate this PCARS contest, we call it our ROVER RUN, since many of the participants would be roving in their cars, going from municipality to municipality in Portage County.
What I'd like to know is, whether there is enough interest in doing this again.  If so, we will have to determine when we could do this since we are starting to have more events and contests and we do not want to wear everyone out with too many things to do.
So please send me an email letting me know if you would want to be a participant in this event.  If we get enough interest, we will revisit the rules and then see where we could put it on the calendar. Remember, this is a base/mobile simplex 2m event.  We can only do it if we have enough ops working mobile.
I look forward to hearing from you.

 73 – Chuck Patellis  W8PT

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Severe Weather Siren Test

To all area hams -
 I will bring up a Severe Weather Siren test net Friday morning, March 6 at 0930 to obtain stations reports of severe weather (tornado) sirens in your area. We will use the K8IV repeater at 146.895Mhz, pl tone of 110.9.The test will start at 0950 and should last about three minutes. Please check in if you have the time, thank you.
Portage County EC

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DXpedition – VP8

VP8 South Sandwich Island & South Georgia Island – Press Release/Update

The Intrepid-DX Group is very pleased to receive a major grant of $50,000 from the Northern California DX Foundation to support our plans to activate South Sandwich and South Georgia Islands in January/February 2016. At the time of these activations, they will be the #3 and #7 most wanted entities.
It is only through the generosity of amateur organizations such as the NCDXF that we can make this Dxpedition possible. This grant by the NCDXF gives us the foundation with which we can solidify our plans and move forward with successful activations of these rare islands.
Our destination is very remote and costly to reach. Our Braveheart charter is $310,000. Our fourteen team members will contribute $210,000 towards our goal of $425,000. We are very appreciative of all of those Clubs, Associations and individuals that have supported us thus far and we welcome and appreciate each and every donation that helps us move forward with our plans.
Our objective is to be on each island for ten days with eight full days QRV. We ask each DX Club or Association to please consider supporting our efforts to make this an effective, enjoyable and safe Dxpedition for everyone!
You can view our website at http://www.intrepid-dx.com/vp8
Thank you,
The Intrepid-DX Group VP8 Team.

This DXpedition is scheduled to take place in mid December.  This one is a huge undertaking and I know will be much appreciated by Amateurs all across the globe. Being a member of NCDXF and also TCDXA, I contributed to this DXpedition.  I hope they meet their financial goal and their objective.  Of course, I also hope to work them.  I will keep PCARS DXers informed regarding this DXpedition and any changes that might occur.

 73 – Chuck Patellis  W8PT

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Skywarn Training in Geauga County

Looking for a Skywarn Class? – 
Attached is an announcement regarding SKYWARN training in Geauga County. See www.gcskywarn.info or contact Jackie N8JMW at n8jmw2@gmail.com should you have any questions. Feel free to forward where appropriate. Thanks.
73 de Matt W8DEC

pdf icon skywarn-2015.pdf

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Busted Call – PCARS March newsletter

Hello RADIOGRAM readers,
Sorry to say I had a few 'Busted Calls' in the March issue of the Radiogram. But, the website has the corrected version available for download.
"Busted calls" included: 
Footer on the pages says Feb, should say March… (Page 1 was correct……)
Late change on Field Day assignments: James, KD8VT is the Power Team Captain.
In the Daylight Saving Time blurb – 1300 is 1:00 pm  (this from a 10 year military time guy….)
Contributors – missed getting W8PT in there (and he's in there every month…)
So, if you need the corrected version, please visit the PCARS web site – it's posted there.
Sorry for the errors.
PCARS Newsletter Editor
(PS – For those of you not into contesting – a 'Busted Call' is when you copied a callsign wrong.)

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Digital Special Interest Group

PCARS will be holding its monthly Digital Special Interest Group meeting on Tuesday March 3rd at 7:00 PM at the PCARS club site in Ravenna. The topic this month will be the WINLINK 2000 radio e-mail system using RMS Express and Winmor. We’ll also make time to answer any questions or help you out with any issues you may be having digitally so feel free to bring your equipment and computer and we’ll try to help.
73, Rick K8CAV  

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Attention DXers

As always, DX info keeps coming in even after Parky issues the month's newsletter. So here are some additional DX happenings that I believe would interest some of you.
3W, VIETNAM. Jacek, SP5APW, will be active as 3W2JK from Con Son Island
(AS-130) between March 11-17th. Activity will be holiday style on 40-10
meters using SSB, PSK31 and RTTY. QSL via his home callsign, direct or
by the Bureau. For updates, watch:     http://as-130.blogspot.com
5J0, ANDRES ISLAND. Joseph, LU1FM, will be active as 5J0B from San Andres
Island (NA-033) between March 21st and April 4th. Activity will be on
160-6 meters using SSB and the Digital modes. Also look for him to partic-
ipate the CQWW WPX SSB Contest (March 28-29th). Equipment will be an
IC-7100 with an ALS MRX 500 amp into a Hexbeam (20-6m) and dipoles for
160/80/40m. QSL via his home call
​ ​


9Q, DEM. REP. OF CONGO (Update to OPDX.1193/1200). The "Radioamateur
Association of the Democratic Republic of Congo" (ARAC) has invited the
"Italian DXpedition Team" (IDT) for a short stay in Kinshasa during March.
The IDT will be active as 9Q0AR between March 10-25th. QSL via I2YSB only
direct. A OQRS is available via their Web page. As usual, the official
Web site is:                http://www.i2ysb.com/idt
A3, TONGA. Nobuaki, JA0JHQ, will be active as A35JR from the Likualofa
Beach Resort Kanokupolu on Tongatapu Island (OC-049) betwee March 12-16th.
Activity will be on 30/17/15/12/10 meters using CW and SSB, if possible
20m CW. QSL via his home callsign, direct or by the Bureau. For updates,
watch his home page at:         http://pandasan.jimdo.com
E3, ERITREA. If you missed OPDX Special Bulletin #OPDX.1103.1, the SEISA/
Foundation for Global Children announced that their next activity, the
"Eritrea Project 2015", will conduct an amateur radio DXpedition from
Asmara, Eritrea, between March 6-17th. This is a multi-national team of
nine operators, consisting of: Zorro/JH1AJT (Team Leader), Paul/N6PSE
(Co-Leader), Franz/DJ9ZB, Jay/JA1TRC, Yuki/JH1NBN, Kazu/JH1OGX, Thomas/NQ7R,
David/WD5COV and Dmitri/RA9USU. This DXpedition has taken many months of
careful planning and negotiations. The DXpedition's callsign will be
assigned to them upon their arrival in the capital of Asmara. They will
use four transceivers consisting of two Elecraft K3 radios with the KPA500
amplifiers and two Kenwood TS590 transceivers with the ACOM 1010 amplifiers.
They will use beam antennas for the high bands (10-20 meters) and four
verticals for the low bands (30-160 meters). They will try to work every
area as much as possible. QSL Manager is Tim, M0URX. To see the complete
press release, go to:   http://papays.com/opdx1203.1.html
V6, MIRCONESIA. Kiichi, JF1LUT, will be active as V63KI from Kolonia,
Pohnpei (OC-010), between March 20-25th. Activity will be on 20-10 meters
using SSB only. QSL only direct to QSL Manager to: A4maniax, c/o Sankei
Kousinsya Co,.Ltd., 6-20-6, Hirai, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo, 132-0035 JAPAN.
Log will be uploaded to ClubLog.

VQ9, CHAGOS ISLAND. Bob, N7XR, will once again be active as VQ9XR from
Diego Garcia Island (AF-006) between March 19-27th. Activity will be on
80-10 meters (possibly 160m) using CW, SSB, and RTTY. NO 6 meters (no
antenna). He will also be on 60 meters CW due to the newly modified
license which now allows operations on that band (5403.5 & 5405.0 kHz).
QSL via ClubLog or direct via his home callsign (NO IRCs). NO Bureau
QSLs, eQSL or LoTW. All ClubLog requests for BUREAU cards will not be
processed. He mentions, "No internet access is available in the area I
operate from. I check emails once in the evening IF I can gain access.
 Most of the time it's extremely slow."

XV, VIETNAM. Just a reminder that Toshi, JA8BMK, will be ending his Asian
tour by being active as XV7BM from Nha Trang Resort during the whole month
of March. Activity will be focused mainly on the lower bands (160-80m) with
better receive antennas. QSL via JA8BMK, direct or by the Bureau.
So good hunting and let me know how you do.​

 73 – Chuck Patellis  W8PT

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To PCARS Contestors

March marks the first month of contesting from the K8BF club site.  We will be participating in the Idaho and Wisconsin QSO Parties.  This will take place on March 14 & 15.  And because of the way we keep UTC time, it will actually go into March16 even though locally it will still be March 15.


The Idaho event is a 24 hour contest from 1900Z to 1900Z starting on the 14th.  However, we will not be participating in the full 24 hours.  The Wisconsin event will take place starting at 1800Z on the 15th and ending at 0100Z on the 16th.  That’s 2PM to 9PM on Sunday March 15th.


In order to have some lead in to these two events, I’d like to have those who would like to operate that weekend, meet with me at 6PM on Tuesday, March 10th.  We will go over the rules for each event and get a tentative schedule of ops that will be at the club site.  And since we will be meeting at 6PM we will be out of the way for the QRP/CW SIG that would be meeting at 7PM that evening.


We will also be using this weekend event as well as one other that comes before Field Day as training exercises for ops and loggers so that they are better able to operate during our Field Day effort.


I apologize to all of you who use the Radiogram to remind you what might be happening during the month.  I missed getting the Contest announcement to Parky so that he could get it in the Newsletter.


I hope to see a lot of you at 6PM on the 10th.

Chuck, W8PT

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PCARS board meeting

The next PCARS board meeting will be held at 7:00 PM on March 2nd at the PCARS club site in Ravenna.
73, Rick K8CAV 

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PCARS March Newsletter

Greetings PCARS

Members, ARRL Officials, Amateur Radio Clubs and other interested people,

If you are getting this via e-mail, then: Attached is the

March 2015 issue of The RADIOGRAM sent directly to your e-mail box for your

viewing pleasure! If you’re reading this on the web page: click on the PDF icon

or click the NEWSLETTER tab and you can either view it on-line, or right click

and ‘save-as’, then put it on your computer to view off-line.

Hope you enjoy this issue – READ ALL ABOUT IT – FREEZE YOUR

ACORNS OFF – What a FUN Day, FYAO Results, Plenty of pictures and reports from

the participants – Beer Day – Special Interest Group Reports – Daylight Saving

Time Starts –  Technician Class Starts

This Month – US Island Awards, Video links – and more good information. PCARS

has a TON of stuff going on and even more in the works – something for


Feel free to pass this newsletter on to anyone interested in

ham radio or PCARS.

Take care & 73,

Tom “Parky”, KB8UUZ

PCARS Newsletter Editor

The Radiogram is the monthly

newsletter of PCARS. Every month, we bring you news, events, DX listings,

articles, and lots of fun. All of the issues, dating back to the very first,

are on the club website (http:www.portcars.org) for you to download and read.

Amateur Radio articles are welcome. Send your submission in .txt (text) format

to the editor: kb8uuz@portcars.org

pdf icon PCARS-March-2015.pdf

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