Meeting Minutes

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Latest DX News

V633KS & V633ZH Chuuk (Truk) Islands OC-011

Kaku JA6REX and Toshiya JH6HZH will be active from Chuuk (Truk) Islands, IOTA OC-011, 19 to 25 September 2016 as V633KS and V633ZH.

V633KS via JA6REX
V633ZH via JH6HZH

web site:


5X8C Uganda

“Anton ON6NL will activate 5X8C from September 4th to 19th 2016 from Entebbe and the new reference WWFF 5XFF-0011 will be valid.

QSL available via bureau or direct to ON6NL.

Logs will be uploaded onto Clublog and LOTW.”



3B8/ZS4TX Mauritius AF-049

Bernie ZS4TX will be active from Mauritius Island, IOTA AF-049, 16 to 19 September 2016 as 3B8/ZS4TX.

QSL via Homecall direct or LoTW.



 73 – Chuck  W8PT

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Don't forget the PCARS net – tonight, 8:00pm, 146.895 MHz

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Club Cleanliness

When the club site was opened up yesterday to prepare for the General Class, it was found swarming with flies because someone had left plates with food scraps in them on top of the trash can inside of the club site. Effective immediately, the moderator or leader of any activity at the clubsite must make sure that the following actions are taken before the club site is closed down and locked up:

* All cups, plates, cans or other food/drink containers are to be collected and put into trash cans

* All spills and food droppings are to be cleaned immediately

* All smaller trash cans are to be emptied into the large trash can next to the refridgerator

* If the bag in the large trash can next to the refridgerator is full, remove it, and replace it with a new bag

* Take the full trash bag to the dumpster located on the north fence line of the north parking lot

* Make sure the lid on the large trash can is securely placed

* If necessary use the sweeper to clean up crumbs etc.

We all need to make sure we leave the clubsite clean and ready for the next people or group to use it.

Rick K8CAV

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Balloon Launch

The weather is looking poor and even if we launched the landing area will be in rain most of the day. The prediction programs with 95% confidence show it would land east of I79 in Pennsylvania in a heavily wooded state park property with limited access. If the winds continue in this mode we will only be able to launch from the western part of the state somewhere around Ada for it to land in our area. I am going to get a launch team together for a serious road trip to a better launch site in Western Ohio so the club can focus on tracking and recovery. We need to get this done this month and the winds are predicted to be in this pattern until mid October. A road trip looks to be the best option. We will be discussing options at the next Antenna SIG, which by the way is next Tuesday.

Jim, AC8NT

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PCARS QRP FIELD Operating Event

After a couple last minute juggles, we're all set!
WHEN:       Sunday, September 25, 2016      3:00 – 6:00 PM
WHERE:    Fred Fuller Park – Kent, OH   (Just in the park – No Shelters reserved)
WHAT:       A PCARS QRP event, piggybacked on the North GA QRP Club's Peanut Power Sprint.   (See attached flier)
You don't have to participate in the contest (So if you want to run a mode not covered, no problem) to participate in our event.  Heck, you don't even need to set up a station if you don't want to, come out and check out the folks who are having fun!
If you are going to participate in the contest, please get a Peanut Number!  (check out the flier)  It will help us all to get a better score.  Even if you can't come out to the park, you can participate in the contest from home – even at higher power levels – so get a number and get on the air and give us some Q's!
If you plan to be at the park setting up a station, please let me know by Sept 20th.
Thanks, hope to see you there!
72/73,  Tom  wb8lcd
By the way, check out the No GA QRP Club's website at – they have a lot of useful information there.

pdf icon Peanut-Power-Rules.pdf

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Amateur Radio Parity Act – Support is Needed Now

Dale Williams, WA8EFK talked about this at the Ohio Section Conference in August and said something would be coming out to get support for the Amateur Radio Parity Act.
You can find out more about this at:

If you are an ARRL member and maybe did not get this e-mail from the ARRL — PLEASE read this and follow the link. It will take you to the ARRL web site, you plug in your zip and it will generate the pro Amateur Radio Parity Act letters to your Congressional representatives.


Dear ARRL member,


I am writing to you today because we are at a crossroad in our efforts to obtain passage of The Amateur Radio Parity Act.


Our legislative efforts scored a major victory in our campaign when The Amateur Radio Parity Act, H.R. 1301, passed in the House of Representatives yesterday, September 12th. The legislation now moves to the Senate, where we need every Senator to approve the bill.


You are one of over 730,000 licensed Amateur Radio Operators living in the United States.  Many of you already live in deed-restricted communities, and that number grows daily.



  If you want to have effective outdoor antennas but are not currently allowed to do so by your Home Owner’s Association, SEND THESE EMAILS TODAY!! 

 If you already have outdoor antennas, but want to support your fellow hams, SEND THESE EMAILS TODAY!!

 If you want to preserve your ability to install effective outdoor antennas on property that you own, SEND THESE EMAILS TODAY!!

 We need you to reach out to your Senators TODAY!  Right away.

 Help us in the effort.  Please go to this linked website and follow the prompts:


Thank you.




– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Rick Roderick, K5UR
ARRL, the national association for Amateur Radio

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Bouvet DXpedition – Early 2018

Here is some news that should excite all DXers.

In 2015 a sequence of events came together: a shipping contract to supply Pitcairn Island, a major motion picture company desiring a charter vessel, a man wanting to photograph
leopard seals, and the persistence of three well known and experienced DXpeditioners. Out of this confluence of events there
emerged a capable ship and crew able to take the right team at the right time to the right place

Now they could justify announcing their intentions, for they were no longer dreams, but valid,
genuine, palpable, and creditable plans. They had closed the loop. It took them eight years to
find a ship and eight days to find a team of 20 capable men.

In early 2018 this team will sail with Nigel Jolly aboard his 160 foot vessel, the Claymore II.
They plan a minimum of two weeks of operating and are targeting a no compromise campsite
on the northeast slope of Bouvet on the Sakhallet Glacier approximately 600 feet above sea

It may be decades before another DXpedition visits Bouvet.  

Bouvet Island is a small
uninhabited volcanic island in the South
Pacific. It is a Norwegian dependency and
is thought to be the most remote island in
the world. The nearest land is Queen
Maud Land, Antarctica, which is over
1,090 miles away. It has an area of 19
square miles, most of which is covered
with a glacier.

The average daily high temperature is
about 34 degrees Fahrenheit and the aver-
age low is 28; there is little monthly varia-
tion. Little vegetation other than mosses,
algae and lichen grow on the island. It is
an important rookery for seabirds.

Bouvet is currently number 2 on the Club
Log “most wanted” list. It has not been
activated since 2008. 

 73 – Chuck  W8PT

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QRP/CW Special Interest Group

Tonight!  7:00PM at the PCARS Clubsite.  Final plans have come together for our Fall QRP Field Event!  Stop out and we'll give you all the details.
72/73    Tom wb8lcd

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PCARS Meeting

Don't forget!  PCARS meeting tonight!

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