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Here is one that we don't hear often enough!

E44YL Palestine

“Elvira IV3FSG will be active from March 23 to April 7, from Bethlehem – Palestine, (SSB/RTTY).
with Angelo IK2CKR (CW).

She will be in the CQ WPX SSB contest March 26 to 27 with YT3PL, Lui.”



 73 – Chuck Patellis  W8PT

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Here’s The Arduinino Presentation from The March PCARS Meeting

The program at the March meeting was Arduino for Ham Radio, presented by Jim, AC8NT. Here is the PDF of his presentation.

PCARS Arduino Presentation-r

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PCARS Arduino Presentation

pdf icon PCARS-Arduino-Presentation.pdf

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Antenna Special Interest Group

The regular monthly meeting of the Antenna Special Interest Group will be held ; Tuesday; 3/16/2016; 7PM at the club site. All PCARS members and guests are welcome.
It is almost Spring which means antenna season!  So come on out and talk about those antenna projects you are thinking about building.  See you all there!!
Tony Romito  WA8AR

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State QSO Parties

I want to extend my thanks to those who came out this past weekend to help put K8BF on the air in the Idaho and Wisconsin QSO Parties.
The bands certainly did not cooperate with us but we still had fun.
I trust that we will have better propagation and success during our Special Event station in April.  
I will be putting together a report to post in the near future. See you at our monthly meeting tonight.

 73 – Chuck W8PT

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DX News

PW0FN Fernando de Noronha SA-003

Ville OH2MM/PY2ZEA will be active from Fernando de Noronha Archipelago, IOTA SA-003, 15 to 22 March 2016 as PW0FN.
Active on CW and SSB (HF bands).
QSL via OH0XX.


5E5E Morocco

James W7EJ, Jiri OK1RI, Norbert OM6NM, Petr OK1FFU, Vaclav OK1VVT, Karel OK1JKT, Pedro EA7IZJ and Jorge EA9LZ will be active from Morocco starting 16 March 2016 as 5E5E. Active during the CQ WPX SSB Contest 26 to 27 March 2016.

QSL via W7EJ.


3C7A Equatorial Guinea 

Kenneth LA7GIA is now active as 3C7A


 73 – Chuck Patellis  W8PT

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Contest WEeekend at the PCARS Club Site

Hey all you contesters, and want-to-be-contesters-but-have-never-done-it-before members,
Chuck W8PT has put together TWO, count em, TWO contests for this weekend at the PCARS club site in Ravenna.
The Idaho QSO Party starts at 2:00 PM Saturday March 12th. This contest runs the whole weekend but PCARS is only running on Saturday because – wait for it – on Sunday March 13th PACRS is participating in the Wisconsin QSO Party which starts at 2:00 PM and runs until 9:00 PM.
Chuck and the Technical Committee have spent the last several months and a whole lot of time and effort upgrading the PCARS contest station. We have great radios, all the accesories to run phone, CW, and Digital, good antennas, and good computers with logging software on it. In addition, Chuck has made up briefing sheets for both contests so you’ll know the rules and how to operate and be able to ask the right questions before you start operating. This is your chance to operate in a couple of fun contests. If you’ve never operated before, this is a chance to come out and observe and learn about contesting, and even sit down and use the skills you learned to make your first contest QSO’s. If it all possible, drop Chuck W8PT a note at W8PT@portcars.org to let him know if you’re coming so he can plan ahead.
73, Rick K8CAV  

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March Membership Meeting

Greetings to all PCARS members!
You say you haven’t been to a PCARS meeting for a while? Bad weather? It’s dark when the meeting starts? Well have no fear because snow and cold temps are banished for our next meeting on Monday March 14th at 7:00 PM at the American Legion Post 496 in Kent. The National Weather Service promises mostly cloudy with a pretty good chance of rain BUT with a high of around 65 and a low Monday night of around 47. Not bad for mid-March! And the clocks move forward one hour on Sunday March 13th so it will be daylight when the meeting starts! And if that’s not enough to get you out we have a special prize for the 50-50 raffle from Jim AC8NT for you MAC users out there in addition to our normal 50-50 prizes, specs shown below. (fear not Windows users Jim has a Windows laptop for April’s 50-50 raffle, specs next month). Don’t forget to come early for dinner and to spend some time with your PCARS friends! 
Mid-2007 iMac  
1. 24” Built-in Monitor 
2. 4 GB RAM (Max RAM)  
3. ATI Radeon Graphics 
4. 500 GB Hard Disk 
5. USB Keyboard 
6. USB and Firewire Ports 
7. Mavericks OS 
8. Factory Reset Mavericks (All Updates Made) Will run El Capitan  
9. Wireless Bluetooth Mouse (Wireless Mighty Mouse) 
So – no excuses! I’m looking forward to seeing you at the meeting!
73, Rick K8CAV 

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Next Tech Class

pdf icon TechClassFlier-Mar23-May11-2016.pdf

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Check in!   8 PM.  146.895

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