Welcome to PCARS

PCARS puts the FUN in Ham Radio!

Check us out at our local meeting and see how much fun we’re having in person! In addition to our monthly meeting, we try to have at least one activity each month—another good opportunity to check us out. If you think we look like we’re having FUN, then the next step is to join us.   We’ve got members as far away as California and we welcome all Hams as part of our group.

In addition to having fun, we have made friendships with other Amateur operators, and have spread the message about what Ham radio is all about to our communities. Read the rest of this entry »

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New PCARS Members

Welcome to the latest members of PCARS!

Douglas WA8UWV Tallmadge, OH

If you meet these people on the street, in a meeting, or on the air, be sure to say Hi and introduce yourself. Let’s make our new members feel welcome!

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Birthdays this Month

Robert KD8CGH Randall KD8ZSH Andrew KE8ELR
Randy N6TL Robert W8JFQ Ray WD8RAY
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Antenna Special Interest Group

The regular monthly meeting of the Antenna Special Interest Group will be held, TONIGHT, Tuesday, 8/15/2017, 7PM at the club site. All PCARS members and guests are welcome to attend and participate.

Tonight our special project will be to lower the club beam antenna for inspection and repair.  The antenna is not performing properly and we need to fix it ASAP.

As always, come on out to this Antenna SIG and talk about those antenna projects you are wanting to build.  See you all there!!
Tony Romito  WA8AR
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Tour of TinyCircuits

We will be visiting TinyCircuits in Akron for a tour of their facility and a look at their products. The tour will be on Saturday September 16 starting at 11 AM. We could then go over to Spaghetti Warehouse for lunch. I need to know if you are interested by Saturday September 2nd.

Please send me an email if you are interested.


Jim, AC8NT

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Ohio Section News

Hi Gang,

The latest Ohio Section News Update is now on-line and ready for you to read!

Here’s some things that you’ll find in this edition..

 * Handbook Give Away
 * Amateur Radio During Solar Eclipse
 * 2017 Scholarship Award Winners
 * Highland Amateur Radio Association Honored
 * Fun Things To Do

Go take a look!!    >> http://arrl-ohio.org/news/ps-08-14-17.pdf


Scott, N8SY

Ohio ARRL Section Manager
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PCARS Meeting

Hey everyone!

Don’t forget about the August PCARS meeting at the American Legion Post 496 in Kent Ohio, tonight August 14th at 7:00 PM. Come early and have something to eat, grab your favorite beverage and spend some time with your PCARS friends.

We have a GREAT presentation this evening on JT-65, FT-8, and others using the  WSJT-X ap to demonstrate. I think everyone will enjoy it!

Also some NICE 50-50 prizes – An Alinco DJ-500 dual band HT, a nice prize to go along with Jim’s presentation, and for you Collins Radio fans, a very cool special prize.

So come on out for a really great evening of K8BF, BIG FUN!

73, Rick K8CAV  

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Minutes from the July Officer’s Meeting July Club Meeting.

Attached are the minutes of the July Officer's meeting, as approved by the officer's at their August meeting.  Also attached are the July General Club meeting minutes, which will be approved (hopefully) at this coming Monday's meeting.
73 to all,
Tom wb8lcd
PCARS Secretary
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Antenna Installation


Time: 9:00 AM

Where: PCARS Club Site

We will be installing two new dipole antennas for 40 and 80 meters. We need some willing hands to help with the installation including running coax, installing coax connectors and raising the antennas. Rick will be providing a man lift to help with the install. If anyone has an extension ladder we could use it. We need to get to the edge of the roof about 25 feet to help with the install. For those that are thinking about installing wire antennas, this can be a great learning experience.

If you can help, please let me know. We will serve a sandwich lunch after the install so we need a count. Also let me know if you can supply the extension ladder.

The site really needs these antennas. Jack N8BI is providing the antennas, baluns and coax. We need to supply the effort.


Jim, AC8NT

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PCARS Net Tonight!

Tonight, at 8:00 PM on the K8IV Repeater.  146.895 Mhz, PL 110.9 or 118.8.  And Echolink on the K8SRR Echolink node.
(Don't forget the ARES net at 7:00PM)
Tonight's NCS will be John – KB8UHN
AS of September 1, 2017, I will be turning the Net Manager duties over to Greg – KA8TOA.  I would really like to see the August 2017 nets go out with a Big Bang!  AND……..I would also like to see the September 2017 nets come in with an even BIGGER BANG!  Please, check in and be a regular member of your PCARS weekly nets.
Tom wb8lcd
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ARES Net Invitation

Hello everyone,

Please take time to check in tonight to the ARES of Portage County bi-weekly training net, 7:00 PM. This gives you an opportunity to check equipment and get training on ARES and Ham Radio procedures and operations. The repeater frequency is 146.895 with a pl tone of 118. 8
You do not need to be a member to check in.


Mike, KD8FLZ 

EC Portage County, District 5

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Next Technician Class Course

Know anyone interested in getting their ham license?  We will be starting a Technician Class on Wednesday September 13th.  It will run the usual 8 weeks ending on November 1 with a test session.  The course will cost $25 and if you need a book, it will cost $30.  We are always looking for people who want to get into this great hobby.  Attached is a flyer with all the details including contact information for those interested.

Thanks and 73’s

Jim Wilson, AC8NT
5093 Portland Cv
Stow, OH 44224
330-342-8149 Home
330-671-0849 Cell

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Ohio Section News Update

Hi Gang,

The latest Ohio Section News Update is now on-line and ready for you to

Here’s some things that you’ll find in this edition..

* Ohio Section Newsletter Contest Winners Announced
* 2017 Phillip J. McGan Award
* Handbook Give Away
* 2017 Allan Severson Award Recipient Announced
* FT8 Mode is Latest Bright Shiny Object
* Fun Things To Do

Go take a look!!    >> http://arrl-ohio.org/news/ps-08-07-17.pdf


Scott, N8SY..

ARRL Ohio Section
Section Manager: Scott D Yonally, N8SY
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