Welcome to PCARS

PCARS puts the FUN in Ham Radio!

Check us out at our local meeting and see how much fun we’re having in person! In addition to our monthly meeting, we try to have at least one activity each month—another good opportunity to check us out. If you think we look like we’re having FUN, then the next step is to join us.   We’ve got members as far away as California and we welcome all Hams as part of our group.

In addition to having fun, we have made friendships with other Amateur operators, and have spread the message about what Ham radio is all about to our communities. Read the rest of this entry »

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New PCARS Members

Welcome to the latest members of PCARS!

Randall KD8ZSH Akron, OH
Janet KD8ZXB Akron, OH
Robert KD8ZXD Akron, OH
Scott N8SY Lexington, OH

If you meet these people on the street, in a meeting, or on the air, be sure to say Hi and introduce yourself. Let’s make our new members feel welcome!

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Birthdays this Month

Michael K8FS Mark K8MSH Peggy KB8SZI
Ronald KC8BTN Tom KD8SJG Eddie KD8SOP
Steve KD8VCK Roberta KD8YXH John N8GIE
Neil N8IL Jim N8PXW Russell NR8W
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DX from Bora Bora

FO/K8PGJ Bora Bora OC-067

Pete, K8PGJ  will be active as FO/K8PGJ on Bora Bora French Polynesia (OC-067) from February 15-24, 2015. Island Style Operation when not diving will occur on 10 thru 20 meters SSB. LoTW will be utilized and Direct QSL to home call. 

Operation Schedule will be on QRZ.


 73 – Chuck Patellis  W8PT

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DX/Contest SIG

Just want to remind the contesters and DXers that we will be meeting tonight at the club site at 7PM for our monthly DX/Contest SIG.
I will be passing out a 12 month Contest calendar that we will use to highlight what contests we will be doing from the club site in 2015.
I will also have one copy of the new DXers Handbook to pass around to see if you would like to download a copy for yourselves.
We will discuss the idea of having some training in contesting so that those participating in PCARS Field Day can do so more efficiently.
We will also briefly discuss the upcoming FYAO and of course we will discuss any interesting DX that those present may have worked.
See you at 7.

 73 – Chuck Patellis  W8PT

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ARRL VHF Contest

Please let me know if you participated in the ARRL VHF Contest this past weekend and if you will be submitting you log.  I ask this in order to notify the ARRL what category PCARS participated in the Affiliated Club Competition.
                                     Joe – W8KNK 
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DX / Contest SIG

Hello to all you DXers and contesters:
We will be meeting on Tuesday, Jan 27, for our monthly DX/Contest SIG.  We will be discussing our plans for 2015 operations from the Club site and also be discussing the upcoming FYAO.  Please try to make it by 7PM so we can start on time.  But don't worry if you are a little late. Before the meeting, start thinking about this coming year and what contests, events, DX, etc you'd like to see us do.
See you all then.
Oh ya, of course our meeting is contingent on the WX so be safe.

 73 – Chuck Patellis  W8PT

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Freeze Your Acorns Off

FYAO is only 3 weeks away.  A big thank you to all those who have notified me that they will be operating a station.  Also thank you to those who will be bringing some great food and snacks.  If you haven't let me know that you are planning to operate and or bringing food, please do so.  We want this to be the best FYAO yet.
Stay warm.

 73 – Chuck Patellis  W8PT

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DXers Handbook

Passing this item along from the ARRL’s most Contest Update.  This is a pretty good manual and you might like to download it.
    73, Jim, KC8PD

Four years ago, Bryce K7UA wrote a series of short articles for his local DX club called the “New DXer’s Handbook.” Bryce tells us “The original has become outdated and wasn’t written for a broad audience in the first place” but a revised second edition is now available free of charge. (Thanks, Daily DX)

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National Squirrel Appreciation Day !

Today – January 21st is National Squirrel Appreciation Day !!Inline image 1
AND, as we have on the last page of The RADIOGRAM:
"Why the Black Squirrel in our logo? For those of you not familiar with it: The Black Squirrel is now commonly seen around Portage County, Ohio. Seems that some of these little guys and gals got loose from Kent State University back in 1961. They have migrated and thrived throughout our county. Kent State University even has an annual Black Squirrel Festival. So when you spot a black squirrel – think PCARS!"

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Tech Class Books needed

Brian, N8ZPS, is getting students at KSU interested in getting their Tech licenses as part of a couple of classes he teaches.  Since most college students are pretty cash strapped, he's looking for a donation of either the 2nd or 3rd Edition of the ARRL Technician manual.  If you have one that you are willing to part with, please let me know asap so we can get it collected and over to them.  We're hoping to come up with 20+ books for them.
You could bring it along and give it to me at the club site tonight!
73, and Thank You!
Tom  wb8lcd

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Net Night at the Club Site

Net Night at the Club Site.
Doors open at 6:30PM.  Comms Unit net at 7:00PM and the PCARS Weekly net at 8:00PM.  (Rich – KD8FDK will be the PCARS NCS this evening)  As of right now, the K8SRR Echo-Link node IS OPERATIONAL
After the nets will be plenty of time to socialize, hydrate, and even make some Q's from the club HF station.
As much as we'd like to see you all out there tonight, if you can't make it, please do your best to check into the net(s) from where ever you happen to be.  Those unable to attend may send their regrets, excuses, reasons, rants or comments to:  president@portcars.org .
See you later tonight!
Tom  wb8lcd – unofficial Net Night host

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NWS Newsletter

The latest edition of the NWS Aware Newsletter has been posted at:


    Please feel to pass on this link or to reprint Aware. If you have
suggestions for future topics, comments or compliments, please send them
to Melody.Magnus@noaa.gov

    Melody Magnus, Managing Editor

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