Welcome to PCARS

PCARS puts the FUN in Ham Radio!

Check us out at our local meeting and see how much fun we’re having in person! In addition to our monthly meeting, we try to have at least one activity each month—another good opportunity to check us out. If you think we look like we’re having FUN, then the next step is to join us.   We’ve got members as far away as California and we welcome all Hams as part of our group.

In addition to having fun, we have made friendships with other Amateur operators, and have spread the message about what Ham radio is all about to our communities. Read the rest of this entry »

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New PCARS Members

Welcome to the latest members of PCARS!

Michael KD8YXJ Tallmadge, OH

If you meet these people on the street, in a meeting, or on the air, be sure to say Hi and introduce yourself. Let’s make our new members feel welcome!

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Birthdays this Month

Jim AC1TT Rick K8GI Mike KB8TUY
Al KB8VJL Sandra KD8JCY Rosie KD8OKK
Mark KD8PTQ Vee n/a Randy N6TL
Kenneth N8WWG Paul NC8T Robert W8JFQ
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Is anyone from this end of the county planning to go to the club site to work the OQSO party
tomorrow? If you are and if you can drop by on the way up I would appreciate it. TNX folks.

Ray T. Mahorney

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HamRadioNow – latest episode

Episode 161: System ConFusion

All that whining said, Episode 161 is up (and has been for a few days… see what I mean – it’s closing in on 2000 views, one of the fastest “growing” programs I’ve done). It’s a complement to my September QST review of Yaesu’s new System Fusion digital voice VHF/UHF mobile and handheld. I demonstrate the HT through a Yaesu DR-1 digital repeater, and with the help of some digital enthusiast friends, compare it to some D-STAR, P-25 and DMR (MotoTRBO) handhelds. And of course, I pontificate at length. 

73, Gary KN4AQ

Gary Pearce KN4AQ
508 Spencer Crest Ct.
Cary, NC 27513


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PCARS Net Tonight

Please join us tonight on the PCARS Thursday night 2 meter net at 8:00PM local, 146.895,  pl 110.9.  Rich – KD8FDK will be our NCS this evening.  Get on and let us know how you're hearing the upgraded repeater from your location.

NEXT Week, August 28th, is Net Night at the Club Site.  C'mon out and have a good time with us.  Snacks and beverages are always available (but not in the radio room).  Everyone who brings a working, crystal radio set with them, that they built between now and next week, will get 5 tickets for the September 50/50.  The person whose crystal set is judged the best of all will get 10 tickets!

Need to know more about a crystal radio set?  check out www.midnightscience.com and you'll find more than you thought there could be for such a simple radio.  Hope to C U there.

de Tom wb8lcd

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DX/Contesting Special Interest Group Is Coming Up

Each Tuesday evening the PCARS Special Interest Groups (SIGs) meet at our club site(705 Oakwood Street in Ravenna ).

The meetings begin at 7:00 pm, and are open to all PCARS members.

The next scheduled SIG meeting is the DX/Contesting SIG, which meets on the 4th Tuesday of each month, and is moderated by Chuck, W8PT email.
Are you interested in DX, or contesting? Why not stop by, and check out this group?

If you have any questions about a particular group, contact the moderator, using the e-mail link below. Or, if you have a suggestion for any other group that you would like to get started (satellites, D-STAR, EME, you name it) send a note to Tom, WB8LCD email.

Here is the current schedule for SIG meetings, along with the moderator contact info for each:

  • First Tuesday of the month: Digital Modes (Rick, K8CAV email)
  • Second Tuesday of the month: QRP/CW (WA2DFC email /WB8LCD email)
  • Third Tuesday of the month: Antennas (Tony, WA8AR email)
  • Fourth Tuesday of the month: DX/Contesting (Chuck, W8PT email / Joe, W8KNO email)
  • Fifth Tuesday of the month:Linux for Hams (Terry, KB8AMZ email/Mike, KB8TUY email)

For More information on any of these Special Interest Groups, Click Here.

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September PCARS meeting

The September meeting will be Monday, 9/8, at the Overlook Restaurant in Twin Lakes.  This month we will have Don DuBon, N6JRL, (President of the Dayton Amateur Radio Association – DARA) as our guest speaker, along with a few others.  Every year for the past few, we have participated in the Youth DX Adventure program.  Don will be bringing a few of the participants of this years Expedition along to talk about their experience as DX and what the program has meant to them.  The program was run at PJ2T this year, and by coincidence, Geoff Howard, W0CG, the proprietor of PJ2T will also be with us!

This will be a fun night with lots of discussion about being / working DX and what it takes to get out there.  Be sure to put it on your calendar and join us!  You won't want to miss it.

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I'm looking for volunteers to be Net Control Operator for the PCARS nets in the upcoming months, AND on this Thursday, August 21st.
If you would like to do August 21st, let me know right away so I know I've got this week covered. 

Beyond this week, I want to fill in the NCS roster for October, November, December 2014.  Please send me an email if you are willing to participate (even if you are one of the current NCS ops).  If you have a date of preference, let me know that, too.

There are a lot of you who have never taken a shot at it – it's really not difficult and everyone should do it at least once!  So send those emails in and lets hear a few new voices on the net!

Tom wb8lcd

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IOTA Activations

Just receive these this AM:

TM32O Oleron Island EU-032

Lionel, F5HNQ,
informs DxCoffee readers:

group of YL and OM will be active as TM32O from Oleron Island (EU-032) from 21 to 26 September on HF/VHF SSB/digital.
More info on QRZ.comand http://tm32oleron.blogspot.com
.  QSL via F6KFI bureau.”

Diaporos Island EU-174

DK7TX, informs DxCoffee readers:

will stay from 4th to 16th September in Chalkidiki Greece.. From there I plan
to make sporadic activation from Amouliani Island, Drenia Island and if time permits
from Diaporos Island in EU-174 “.
QSL via home call

 73 – Chuck Patellis  W8PT

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Antenna Special Interest Group

The Antenna Special Interest Group will be meeting, Tuesday, 8/19/2014, at the Club Site. The meeting will begin at 7:00 pm. All PCARS members are invited to attend. If you are considering building a new antenna/antenna system at your QTH please feel free to stop in and discuss your plans with the group.

This month the special discussion topic will be the continued planning for the first PCARS Amateur Radio high altitude balloon launch project.  This will be probably be the last meeting before our first attempted flight so we will be discussing final plans and technical details which still need resolved before we launch.  We will be looking for volunteers for the launch teams (Launch Operations Team; Communications Control Team and the Chase/Recovery Teams).


As always, assisting fellow club members with their antenna projects will be job #1 for the group. So come on out and discuss your spring antenna projects with the group.

See you all there!

Tony WA8AR

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W1AW/8 in Ohio

For those of you chasing the W1AW/states – here is a listing of the ops for the tour in Ohio coming up this week.

W1AW/8 will be active from Ohio starting Wednesday
UTC.  Here is a link to the operating schedule plan from NX8G, Rex: 


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Ohio QSO Party Planning

Hello PCARS Contesters


There will be a short meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 19 at 7PM at
the club site in Ravenna for the upcoming Ohio QSO Party that we plan to
participate in. 

 Inline image 1

There will be a review of the OQP rules for this contest and
we will make sure that all is ready for the contest that takes place on Aug.


If you are going to participate, please make an effort to
come to the meeting. The meeting is open to all – if you just want to know a
bit more about the OQP – stop in, all are welcome!


Hoping to see you all there.




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