PCARS Honored as Hamvention Club of the Year 2018


“The Dayton Hamvention® Club of the Year honors go to the Portage County (Ohio) Amateur Radio Service. This very busy club says it has over 40 hours of activities each month, including public service, student outreach, periodic “Build Days” for working on projects together and monthly “Get On The Air” days when the club station is open for members and guests to learn about HF and different modes of operation.

The honors will be presented at the 2018 Dayton Hamvention awards banquet in May.”

The members of PCARS are proud to have been selected
for this prestigious award.

All of the members – past and present – have helped make
our club what it is today.

Along with future members our club will be even better in years to come.

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New PCARS Members

Welcome to the latest members of PCARS!

Marla KE8GBL Mantua, OH

If you meet these people on the street, in a meeting, or on the air, be sure to say Hi and introduce yourself. Let’s make our new members feel welcome!

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Birthdays this Month

Chuck K8BBE Melanie K8KSU Wes K8NYM
Frank W8EZT Richard WA8TSI John WA8US
Douglas WA8UWV
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Come to the Club and Have Some Fun

Tomorrow – Thursday May 24th. (4th Thursday of the month) Come on out and check into the PCARS net from the Club Site! Bring a snack. No program, just a time to get together and hang out. Share your Hamvention stories.

6:30 – 10:30.

Tom wb8lcd

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EJ0DXG, Irish Islands IOTA Tour 2018

EJ0DXG, Irish Islands IOTA Tour 2018 “Beginning June 1st 2018, the EIDX Group will activate ALL Irish IOTA Groups.
Using the ‘Echo Juliet’ prefix, EJ0DXG will be QRV from IOTA EU-006, EU-007, EU-103 and EU-121 this summer.
Starting off with ‘Little Saltee Island’ EU-103 on June 15/16/17/18th….the groups will be QRV on HF and 6m bands using CW, SSB and Digital modes.
Please follow their Facebook page for information/dates for all other activations….https://www.facebook.com/groups/185038478993063/
Supported by dxwanted.net a beautiful plaque will be available for whoever works them on 4 different IOTA Groups. So, as a ‘Bonus’ or ‘Joker’ station, EI0DXG will also be QRV from Mainland Ireland (EU-115) throughout and until September 30th 2018.As with all EIDXG activities, please QSL via M0OXO.”
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Inputs Needed For June Radiogram

The June issue of The RADIOGRAM will be in the works this week. The last Friday of the month is May 25th – just a few days away. I need your inputs for the newsletter.

Did you go to Hamvention? Send me your pictures! Send me a short story about your adventures at Hamvention !!

Send me articles, swap-n-shop stuff, shack shots – SEND IT !!!!!!!

Send your inputs and photos to: kb8uuz@gmail.com

Thanks & 73

PCARS Newsletter Editor

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Last Minute Reminders

Just a last minute reminder.

Please plan to attend our monthly meeting next Monday at 7:00 PM at The American Legion Post 496, 1945 Mogadore Rd., Kent, OH 44240. Jeff Covelli WA8SAJ will be our speaker talking about LED lighting. As usual we will have our 50/50 with some great prizes and a lot of great conversation.

Also, if you haven’t purchased your Hamvention tickets they are available at DX Engineering. Go straight to the sales/cashier counters. If possible plan to meet at the ARRL booth at 11:30 on Saturday for a club picture. If you are at Hamvention on Sunday, plan to attend the awards presentation where PCARS will receive the “Club of the Year” award.

Parky would also like as many pictures as possible of Hamvention. If you take some interesting shots, please send them to Parky when you return.

That’s it. Hope to see you all at the meeting on Monday.

Jim, AC8NT

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Minutes of April Meeting

Minutes of the April Meeting are below:
Portage County Amateur Radio Service, Inc, (PCARS) Meeting Minutes 4/09/2018
April 9, 2018 meeting: Held at The American Legion Post 496, 1945 Mogadore Rd., Kent, OH 44240. Opened by President Jim Wilson – AC8NT at 7:00 PM.Jim introduced our evenings speaker, Jim Storms – AB8YK from the Dave Kalter Memorial Youth DX Adventure, and then gave time for all visitors to be introduced

Read the rest of this entry »

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May Monthly Meeting

Next Monday, May 14, PCARS will hold it’s regular monthly meeting at the Kent American Legion. PCARS member Jeff Covelli – WA8SAJ – will be our featured speaker. Jeff will be doing a presentation on LED lighting products for the home and the radio shack. This is an important topic for hams! Picking the wrong LED retrofit products can make your radio life miserable with RF hash and noise.

Don’t forget, we’ve got the club meeting on Monday and the Dayton Hamvention at the end of the week. I’m pretty sure if you were looking for some “boat anchor” radios or had a question on restoration, Jeff might be able to give you a good idea about what direction you needed to be looking.

Speaking of Dayton – The annual PCARS Photo – 11:30 AM on Saturday at the ARRL booth. We’ll meet up there and if we have to move we can do it as a group.
Being only the second year at the new location, I’m not sure what our best option will be. If we have better weather than we did last year, we may go outside where there are some bleachers we could sit on. We’ll let that play out when we get there.

SEE YOU Monday at the MEETING!

Tom wb8lcd

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PCARS News Update

Upcoming events:

We are having a GOTA/Project Day this coming Saturday (May 12th) from 9 till noon. If you need help with a project or would like to use the club station or lab come on over.
Field Day still need volunteers for setting up and taking down antennas. We also need some serving help with Saturday supper. You don’t need to be an antenna expert to help with the antennas, it is mostly just a little physical work. You will not be cooking dinner or washing dishes; just serving the food. Please contact Tony Romito (tromito99@gmail.com) if you can help.
Donations for Field Day would appreciated. It will help offset the expenses of Field Day. Please contact Amy (kd8skl@yahoo.com) you are interested.
Remember Hamvention and the fact we won “Club of the Year”. Please read Tom’s comments below. We would like a great turnout at the award ceremony.
If you are interested in PCARS clothing or hats, please visit our website portcars.org for purchase information (BIG notice at the top of the web page). You need to do this quickly to get your shirt before Hamvention.

Jim, AC8NT

New Video on the PCARS YouTube site:

The video from the Tower and VHF Radio Room dedication to Jim, KC8PD, sk that was held at the PCARS Club site on April 21st is now on the PCARS YouTube site – you can go direct to the video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9iTkpTyXlM


Hamvention Note:

As you know, the Dayton Hamvention is fast approaching. This will be a special year for any and all PCARS members who are able to attend – PCARS is the Hamvention Club of the Year! This is a great honor for all of us, and I hope as many of you as possible will be there. The awards ceremony will be on Sunday, May 20th, sometime shortly after noon. (exact details to follow shortly)

We would like you to be there if at all possible! AND, we would like you to be wearing official PCARS apparel. The store for T-shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, hats, etc… has been re-opened (see the home page at www.portcars.org ) and orders will be processed and made available to you prior to leaving for Dayton! This will be a great “photo opportunity” and I would like to see a “sea” of blue shirts with PCARS logos on them at the Sunday award ceremony! Order today to make sure you have yours.

More info on Hamvention will be available at the PCARS meeting on Monday May 14th. Hope to see you there!


Remember to check our calendar for all the great activities we have planned.



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May DX Calendar

There’s some good DX out there during the month of May.

How many of these can you get into YOUR log book?
Download the PDF and keep it posted by your radio.
Good DXing
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NE QSO Party

PCARS Contesters:

Here’s another chance for you to work a QSO party at a somewhat leasurely pace.

We will be putting K8BF on the air in the New England QSO Party this coming weekend (May 5-6).

The contest runs from 4PM local time on Saturday until 8PM on Sunday. But here again just as in the Florida QSO Party, we have a break to get some sleep. So the actual operating hours are: 4PM Satuday until 1AM Sunday morning. Then we break until 9AM Sunday and go until 8PM Sunday evening. This gives us time to catch some sleep.

We will be entering as a Multi-Multi, Low Power contestant.
I have been in communication with the contest host and they say they do not get many multi-multi entries at all. Sounds to me like a possible #1 for K8BF again.

So come on out to the club site and have BIG FUN helping K8BF reach another Number 1 spot in a contest.

We will gather at 3PM on Saturday at the club site to review rules. See you there.

Chuck W8PT
PCARS Contest Coordinator

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PCARS May Newsletter

Greetings PCARS Members, ARRL Officials, Amateur Radio Clubs and other interested people,

The May issue of The RADIOGRAM has been published and is ready for you to enjoy.

Click on the PDF icon or click the NEWSLETTER tab on the PCARS web site and you can either view the newsletter on-line, or right click and ‘save-as’, then put it on your computer to view off-line.

Hope you enjoy this issue – READ ALL ABOUT IT – PCARS to receive the Hamvention 2018 Amateur Radio Club of the Year award at Hamvention 2018 – PCARS Open House & VHF Radio Room and Tower Dedication – Field Day Volunteers Needed – PCARS has a TON of stuff going on and even more in the works – something for everyone!

Feel free to pass this newsletter on to anyone interested in ham radio or PCARS.

Take care & 73,

Tom “Parky”, KB8UUZ
PCARS Newsletter Editor

Any mistakes found in the newsletter are there on purpose so some of you can can have fun finding them….
The Radiogram is the monthly newsletter of PCARS. Every month, we bring you news, events, DX listings, articles, and lots of fun. All of the issues, dating back to the very first, are on the club website (http:www.portcars.org) for you to download and read. Amateur Radio articles are welcome. Send your submission in .txt (text) format to the editor: kb8uuz@gmail.com


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