PCARS Honored as Hamvention Club of the Year 2018


PCARS is Hamvention Club of the Year!

“The Dayton Hamvention® Club of the Year honors go to the Portage County (Ohio) Amateur Radio Service. This very busy club says it has over 40 hours of activities each month, including public service, student outreach, periodic “Build Days” for working on projects together and monthly “Get On The Air” days when the club station is open for members and guests to learn about HF and different modes of operation.

The honors will be presented at the 2018 Dayton Hamvention awards banquet in May.”

The members of PCARS are proud to have been selected
for this prestigious award.

All of the members – past and present – have helped make
our club what it is today.

Along with future members our club will be even better in years to come.

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New PCARS Members

Welcome to the latest members of PCARS!

R. Daniel Foreman Ravenna, OH
Joe K8HTB Kent, OH
Sly KD8GGN Barberton, OH
Randall KD8JN Canton, OH
Dan N8FUM Akron, OH
Fred W8FSF Mayfield Village, OH
Marla KE8GBL Mantua, OH

If you meet these people on the street, in a meeting, or on the air, be sure to say Hi and introduce yourself. Let’s make our new members feel welcome!

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Birthdays this Month

R. Daniel Foreman Vince AC8XO Gary KB8VJO
Jeffrey KD8DQT Rena KD8EPF Randall KD8JN
Jennifer KD8LIR John KD8SIZ Richard KD8WCK
Coletta W8CDL Howard W8SV Bob WB8OVQ
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Last Field Day Update


First, Thanks to all those who volunteered. With 15 volunteers we have a full crew ready to go and I am sure that we will get all the antennas up and operational in record time.

Everyone please meet at the picnic shelter just before 10:00 for a very brief meeting. Below is a basic outline of what we are going to do along with some notes on safety. See you all there Saturday and Thanks Again!

73 Tony WA8AR

The Basic Work Plan: The Antenna Crew needs to show up at the FD Site by 10:00am and meet at the picnic shelter. Station captains will be on site with all the equipment and tools needed for their stations. The station captains know what we will need to erect and we will follow their instructions.

I will divide the crew into teams and send them off to individual stations to help each statiton catptain erect their antenna system.

Safety Equipment: Everyone must have safety glasses (your own prescription shatter resistant glasses are okay); Gloves (have them with you); A hard hat (there will be hardware tens of feet above your heads, and a bolt falling from 30 feet will ruin your day if it hits you!); Steel toe bohots are never a bad idea if you have them. YOUR BEST Safety Equipment is between your ears, stay alert and think ahead. AND you should bring rain gear and insect repellant.

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Field Day Rt 700 construction

State Route 700 is being repaved. From my information due to weather and weekend time frame the won't be doing any actual paving but be aware that the road bed has been ground and pavement has grooves from grinding. PLEASE use caution while driving on this pavement as it can cause some instability while driving.

 73, Rick K8CAV
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FLEX Station Schedule

Final Flex Station schedule is attached. PLEASE let me know if you want to operate or log and we'll fit you in!! Thanks !!

73 Rick K8CAV
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The forecast indicates a high probability of showers and possible thunderstorms all through Field Day. The good news is that rainfall amounts are forecast to be light, 0.25″ to 0.5″ during each 12 hour period; except if we get caught under a thunderstorm. The other good news is that winds are looking to be in the 5 to 10 mph range, less than what they said yesterday. Be alert for thunder and take cover if lightning is in the area. Vehicles are the safest place but use your best judgement and pay attention to our Safety Officer!!

Bring rain gear and a change of clothes. The grass will be wet so waterproof boots are essential. You do not want to walk around in wet shoes all day. BRING YOUR RAIN GEAR!!!! And don’t forget bug spray!!!

We will continue operating unless we detect lightning in the vicinity.

Tony WA8AR

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Field Day After Action Meeting

There will be a Field Day After Action Meeting on Tuesday, June 26 at 7:00 PM, held at the Club Site.  Field Day Staff, especially station captains are encouraged to attend.  Any interested Club members may also attend.  We will make this meeting a brief as practical.

Chuck, W8PT, will also be holding the DX/Contest SIG immediately after the FD Meeting.  Thanks to for volunteering part of his SIG time for our FD Meeting.

Tony  WA8AR 
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Antenna Crew Ready To Go !!!

Thanks to all those who volunteered for the Field Day Antenna Crew! I will see you all there on Saturday morning at 10:00. I will be sending an email with mostly safety info before FD. Thank You all again.

Tony WA8AR

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Antenna Crew Ready To Go !!!

Thanks to all those who volunteered for the Field Day Antenna Crew!  I will see you all there on Saturday morning at 10:00.  I will be sending an email with mostly safety info before FD.  Thank You all again.
Tony  WA8AR

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Field Day – Saturday Dinner and Sunday Breakfast Information

First of all PLEASE remember to bring your meal tickets.  We do have a list of everyone who got a ticket but things will go faster if you have your tickets!!  Jennifer (Andrews) Williams KB3GXB will be our Food service coordinator, and Head Breakfast cook!  ALL times stated herein are approximate.

Dinner:  Service will begin at about 17:30 with meals being delivered to the operators first.  After the get their food the crew will begin serving meals to Members and Guests.  Everyone just have a good time!!

Breakfast:  Service will begin about 06:00 (translation: 6 AM), again with food going out to operators first, and then all others will get fed.  Breakfast service will continue until about08:30.  Last one to eat washed dishes (just kidding!!).

Tony  WA8AR

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PCARS on Hamnation

On Hamnation (Wed. June 20th), one of the segments was showing the DX Engineering Field Day video that was done by Parky, KB8UUZ. This video talked about PCARS and Field Day.

You can see the entire Hamnation program on YouTube at 


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Still Need a Few Volunteers for Field Day

We are still in need of a few (4) more volunteers for the FD Antenna Crew. Volunteers must be at the Field Day site by 10 am Saturday June 23rd (the morning of Field Day) to help set up the antennas for all of the Field Day Stations. No special expertise or experience is necessary, each station Captain will provide tools, equipment and supervise antenna construction for their station. We are looking for a minimum of 15 volunteers this year. It should be fun, as well as a good learning experience. To volunteer please simply send me (Tony WA8AR) an email: tromito99@gmail.com Subject: Antenna Crew Include Your name and call sign. Last Year we had all of the antennas up and operating just after noon.


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