Freeze Your Acorns Off

PCARS Members:
During our last DX/Contest SIG, we discussed the fate of our annual QRP Event, FYAO, and how we should deal with it given the Covid situation. We looked at postponing it for a few months but that idea was not really accepted since that would put FREEZE Your Acorns Off sometime in the late Spring or Summer. It was suggested that we look at moving it more towards the end of the year. We had Tom, WB8LCD, check to see what dates the Fred Fuller facility would be available.
Some of the dates that we could use the facility were in October, November and December. I asked those who attended the meeting to let me know their thoughts. One date was favored by a majority of those responding and it was December 4th.
So I will be asking Tom to contact the park and reserve December 4th for our 2021 FYAO event. We also decided that the 2022 FYAO be held during our traditional February time frame. So we will be having FYAOs only two months apart. More fun for all who participate.
73 – Chuck W8PT
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