Net Night at the Clubsite “Mini” Hamfest! – Thursday 7/25

For July 25, 2024, our Net Night at the Clubsite will be another PCARS “Mini” Hamfest / Trunkfest! I will open the clubsite at 5:00PM so you can get there and start setting up (even if you can’t get there early you can set up when you get there, presuming there is room.) The official start time is 5:30PM and we will run until 9:30PM (or everyone packs up and leaves).

I can only base my expectations on our last “Mini” Hamfest in February, so I’m guessing/hoping that this will be well attended and that you might find some pretty good deals ! If it’s a nice evening, it could spill out into the parking lot – bring your own card-table and chair.

Come on out and join us! Bring some stuff and put your best price on it. Bring some cash too – everyone will leave with something they didn’t bring. There is no admission fee – but I would ask everyone to bring some kind of snack stuff to share. ( we will not be ordering food as a group )

Don’t forget – check into the net from wherever you are!



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