REMINDER – Field Day 2024 – Snacks and Drinks

REMINDER – Field Day 2024 – Snacks and Drinks

PCARS will be supplying plenty of cold water on Field Day, along with coolers and ice. For the days leading up to Field Day, temperatures are forecast to be in the high 80’s; creeping to the low 90’s so please stay hydrated and be careful to get enough electrolytes (salt) . Regardless of the daytime temperatures, the nights can get very cool, so operators need to come prepared. Rain is always a possibility! The Club will also have Coffee and a coffee maker in the picnic shelter. There will also be a microwave setup for heating food as needed.

The Club, as usual, will not be supplying Soft Drinks; please bring your own and if possible a some extra for sharing with others. There will be plenty of extra coolers and Ice supplied by PCARS.

Also please donate chips, pretzels or other snacks for sharing. Those operators work up an appetite burning up the airwaves; making all those Q’s!!!

Tony WA8AR, Field Day Chairman

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