State QSO Parties

PCARS Contesters:
Just a reminder of what will be going on this coming weekend.
Nebraska QSO Party – 1300UTC Apr 10 to 0100UTC Apr 11 & then 1300UTC to 2200UTC Apr 11 (Time to sleep)
New Mexico QSO Party – 1400UTC Apr 10 to 0200UTC Apr 11
Georgia QSO Party – 1800UTC Apr 10 to 0359UTC Apr 11 & then 1400 – 2359UTC Apr 11. Again, time to sleep.
North Dakota QSO Party – 1800UTC Apr 10 to 1800UTC Apr 11.
Remember to get the rules and read them in case there are any unusual operating procedures and make sure your logging programs are up to date.
And above all, HAVE FUN!!!
73 – Chuck W8PT
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