Net Night at the Clubsite

Thursday, September 23. Come on out to the Clubsite, bring some snacks. Beverages are available. Check-ins to the PCARS net will be taken from all in attendance.
Which leads me to ask: You do check into the PCARS net don’t you? Sure you can check in from the Clubsite, but even if you can’t come out, you can still check in on the K8IV repeater. 146.895 Mhz with a 118.8 hz buzz. If you can’t hit the repeater you can still check in via Echolink (K8BF-L).
Gabriel (and I can’t remember his callsign) usually checks in from Taiwan. WB2RPW – Gary checks in from New Jersey. Daryl – WX4QZ checks in from Arkansas. Randy – N8ZSH checks in from Akron. Scott -N8SY checks in from Lexington. C’mon man! (cheap presidential imitation) you should check in too!
Amy N8AMY is your Net Control Op for the net night net. Check in and keep her busy!
Clubsite will be open from 6:30 to 10:00 so stop on by!
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